Humans must be killed to save the earth

We remind our Painful Truth readers that in the United States May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The article below is included to demonstrate what threats there are to our mental health these days, as well as, well, DEATH as proposed by the globalist elite. Pretty much all of us must die to save the earth. That’s what the climate scientologist… sorry, Scientist tells us we must do. Having a pandemic is probably the best course. No doubt other experts will be engineering a new mostly fatal virus for this purpose [such as the National Institute of Health has disclosed for the Gain of Function illegal pogrom… er… program.]

We are certain that you all appreciate that there are people out there looking out for our well being to save the earth… by making sure that the herd is culled for the sake of the herd….



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  1. I posted on the Banned by HWA site a while back the following comments as I believe the obsession of some to “Save the planet” by culling the herd of humanity borders on the insane. Incidentally I recall the late Prince Philip once remarked he wanted to be reincarnated as a virus to wipe out the majority of mankind and in the year he died ironically the whole world was enduring the global pandemic crisis.

    So I watched the documentary “Kiss the Ground” a while ago on Netflix and it actually left me feeling hopeful by its positive message and the strategies it suggested. In contrast the government and its media lackeys suppresses such alternative views for the endlessly globalist climate cult doomsayers that demands everyone convert from fossil fuels to electricity and pay ever more taxes—“ka-ching!”— under the delusion that this will magically save the planet! Here’s a prediction that is 100% sure. The planet will still be around long after the likes of climate cult activists Gore, Greta, KCIII and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are dead and buried! So much for saving the planet—these warped “kultists” drunk on the “klimate kool-aid” can’t even save themselves let alone a planet they never created to begin with and in their smug hubris think they can “save!”

  2. John,

    I bet the liberals at Banned gave you shit on that post calling it a conspiracy theory.

    In the end, these death cult people will lose their battle. I have had a prediction for the last 4 or 5 years that people from all nations will rise up and foment revolution in their countries when the people have had enough. The U.S. is due for a reset and that will consist of hanging the politician’s after the economy goes into another great depression along with a shit load of terror attacks because of open borders. I read a great deal and what I see is some really scary times ahead.

  3. I didn’t really care if anyone on Banned would discount my views about these climate change cultists James, but I was grateful at least they published my comment considering the increasing amount of censorship online these days.

    I wanted to add another thing re TPTB suppressing alternative views I watched a good video by the Why Files the other day on the topic of free energy and anti-gravity cover ups It highlights there are solutions to the various problems we are increasingly facing, but due to the all-too-human motivations of money and power TBTB will only continue their conspiracies and cover-ups until the people who know better demand and initiate the change for themselves.

  4. It is alternative views, philosophy’s and theory that motivates mankind to seek out the unknown and to establish answers to complex problems. Its what that drives me as I am still curious at my age. It is what keeps you alive and thriving . Without such curiosity life is a fucking grind and without purpose.

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