2014 Global Natural Disasters Down Big Time!

The Geneva-Switzerland based International Federation of the Red Cross recently released its 2014 Natural Disaster Report. The news is very good.

The report can be found HERE.

Down Again: 2014 Catastrophe Losses Below Average
Global natural disasters in 2014 combined to cause economic losses of USD132 billion, 37 percent below the ten-year average of USD211 billion. The losses were attributed to 258 separate events, compared to the ten-year average of 260. The disasters caused insured losses of USD39 billion, 38 percent below the ten-year average of USD63 billion and was the lowest insured loss total since 2009. This was the second consecutive year with below normal catastrophe losses. Notable events during the year included major flooding in India, Pakistan, China, and Southeast Europe; billion-dollar convective thunderstorm events in the United States, France, and Germany; winter storms in Japan and the United States; and widespread drought in the United States and Brazil. The top three perils, flood, tropical cyclone, and severe weather, combined for 72 percent of all economic losses in 2014. Despite 75 percent of catastrophe losses occurring outside of the United States, it still accounted for 53 percent of global insured losses, driven by a higher insurance penetration.

90% less deaths under the 10 year average

A total of 8186 people died in 2014 because of natural disasters. Bild reports: “2014 the number of deaths from natural disasters was almost 90 percent under the 10-year average of 76500 deaths.” That’s hugely good news, but you’d never know it hearing the Thiel or Meredeath!

Lowest amount of disasters in 10 years

According to the IFRC, in 94 countries there were a total of 317 floods, earthquakes, forest fires, cyclones and a number of other nature events with deaths. Lowest number in 10 years.

Hurricane landfalls

The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season marked the ninth consecutive year in which the U.S. did not sustain a major Category 3+ landfalling hurricane, which extends the all time record by another year. It was also the quietest season in terms of named storms since 1997.”

Tornado activity in the U.S.A.

For the third consecutive year, tornado season in the United States was one of the least active since Doppler radar began being deployed in the early 1990s.

Violent tornadoes on the decrease

Since 1950, the overall trend of higher-end tornadoes rated at F3/EF3 and above has remained nearly flat and shows a slight annual decrease of 0.8 percent. A comparable 1.2 percent annual decrease is also found when looking at dependable data since the advent of Doppler radar in 1990. When breaking down data to just the last 10 years, there has been a similar nearly flat growth at 0.5 percent.

As you know, the ACOG’s leadership preaches destruction by nature as a judgement from God. They are in the same league as the global warmers with all their propaganda bullshit and made up facts. Really, what is the difference between these two groups? They both promote fear to advance an agenda. And to know their agenda is to know that their primary motivation is self-enrichment and control at the expense of gullible people.

It is knowledge that unlocks the shackles of bondage. Don’t let these morons from both groups confuse you into believing that our only chance of saving the planet is to accept unending regulations and straight-jacket “reforms”. Or that we need to start practicing a bronze age religion in order to please some bronze age god who hasn’t made an appearance in over 2000 years. And may I add, if you think that your cult leader is God’s true representative on Earth, then maybe you should enroll in Introduction to Reality 101 at your local Jr. college. Perhaps someday you will learn to think for yourself.