In Quebec City, Canada, the state has the ability to force people who test positive for the coronavirus into isolation at a secret location if they are deemed “uncooperative,” according to Dr. Jacques Girard, who heads the Quebec City public health authority.

The supporting article is here.

Yes, some patrons at a bar were told to wait for their test for COVID-19 came back, to insure they weren’t positive, but they became impatient and left. That was a very bad move. Apparently, self-aggrandizing despots now have the power to declare you an enemy of the state, cart you off to a secret location, hold you indefinitely, possibly to never be seen again with no one ever knowing what happened to you with absolutely no recourse.

Just in case you think this is just a “one off”, consider the fate of the man from Kentucky travelling through Canada to go to Alaska. He was arrested and fined $750,000 for breaking quarantine. The law (by some officious official) is that Americans can travel through Canada between Alaska and the continental United States, but must not deviate, may not go site-seeing and must use the fastest, shortest route possible.

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Meanwhile, down in Australia, a 39 year old man is dying of cancer in a hospital and he only has a few days to live. His 4 children in another state cannot travel to see him: Only one can visit him before he dies. The ‘law’ is a decree, enforced by the police.

United Church members are allowed to attend services again in a limited way, graduating, as it were, from local video feeds on the Internet. It’s restricted. It’s also somewhat less appealing since the smoke from the forest fires make the visibility zero and in some places the cities are ‘locked down’ — stay home, stay home. Meanwhile, the riots, burning and looting continue apace. The forest fires seem to have been set in some places by arsonists. Leftists claim that they are the result of global warming, which just means that global warming causes arsonists?

If that isn’t enough, a report from an elderly member of the Church of God Seventh Day gives us the chilling move that churches in California have police officers at the door of the churches checking temperatures. If you have a temperature, you can’t attend church — no matter if it’s the Corona Virus or not. Furthermore, some ministers have been fined $5,000 for being scoff-laws.

What laws they are scoffing, we aren’t quite sure. You see, none of this has been passed by an assembly, congress, parliament anywhere. The law makers are not involved. Instead, governors and health officials (many of whom are not elected) who have no accountability in any way to people or even constitutions are making the rules. In England, the Parliament is mostly suspended due to the Corona Virus and is partially virtually opening for pressing business. Instead, lower level officials who are not at all legislators are determining the law and giving it to officers to be enforced. In the United States, this technically breaks several amendments, not the least is the Fourth.

A ‘crisis’ has now created a political vacuum wherein unqualified (and mostly incompetent) people seize control to establish Draconian measures with no chance of appeal. The laws and rules just are.

It’s clear we need to shut up and obey [isn’t this familiar to everyone who has ever been a member of an Armstrongist church?]. The penalties will be swift and extreme. Facts, evidence and science will not be considered. Only opinions of people who have seized control and power matter.

This is where we are going. The ‘we’ is everyone in the world not politically connected with the ‘correct’ narrative or who is not a billionaire (one of them who happens to be President of the United States doesn’t matter: He won’t be able to communicate on social media if reelected because he will be prevented from doing so on Twitter and elsewhere]. It’s called cancel culture — if the progressives don’t like what you say, you will be cancelled.

We don’t want to panic unnecessarily here or promote conspiracy theories, but will you be the next one to be Disappeared?

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  1. I have seen the reports from Canada and Australia, not to mention New Zealand. The opportunity to suppress the populations is by those elected official assholes that see a opportunity to keep office without elections is overwhelming.

    The climate change argument is collapsing and what better way to change the dialog into a phony pandemic in order to regain control over a rebellious populous that sees this for the bullshit it has always been. The economies due to debt are crashing. Expect the EU to go first. Then the US, after the dollar runs up to ridiculous levels as the EU populous invests in anything outside the Euro currency.

    1. James, what is really disturbing is that a lot of these officials are NOT elected! They have some position of assumed power in some obscure department — people we haven’t even heard of — and suddenly, they make a proclamation with the force of law enforced by police — sometimes with times and incarceration attached. It’s like if you even work for a government agency, you can seize power with absolutely no controls or due process.

      It’s also disturbing when governors and mayors can do it unilaterally without councils or legislatures — let alone the judicial — involved.

      It looks as if we are headed for the USSR: United States Socialist Republic.

      It’s not just for the pandemic now either. People are now jailed in Britain for online ‘hate crimes’ — defined by people who are ‘victims’ who are ‘uncomfortable’ with what people say.

      This seems to be the point where many civilizations have gone before: The civilization rises on hard work, innovation, dedication, moral fiber, striving for a better world. Over the decades or centuries, the civilization attains a point at which the living is comfortable for a majority of citizens who no longer have to worry about raw survival. They can have luxuries. An elite arises. In many cases, power passes to the women. Then there begins a decline. Things are still good, but they aren’t as good as they were. People agitate. The elite believe they are above it all and ‘deserve’ what they have. The lesser endowed are looking for the good life and things start to get dicey. There are protests, riots, looting, burning. The rule of law goes out the window. Chaos ensues.

      Hard entropy sets in.

      And then the burning of the ashes begins. Social divide increases geometrically.

      The civilization falls.

      Oh, but… this time we will be different. It’s like a failing business headed for bankruptcy. “Just give us lots of money and more time and we’ll make it work — we have a vision of how things should be!” Of course, they do. They just don’t have any sort of plan.

      And as we know and have observed so very often: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. And then they wonder why they lost. Maybe they’ll go on book tour to explain it. Drink lots of Chardonnay and Gin. Complain a lot. Then go back to their multimillion dollar houses a few blocks away from the tents of the homeless.

      These destroy society. They never pay the price.

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