The Bubble Boy. Mark Armstrong

Below in the video is Michael C. Garrett.
Mr. Garrett was a student at Ambassador college from 1969 – 1973 and was a minister from 1978 until 2013 within the Garner Ted church regimes. He has seen much of the behind the scenes of just how the Armstrong’s are.

He has know Mark Armstrong since 1969 had a fall out with him in 2013. Since then he has gone on an all out attack against Mark to expose him and his Intercontinental church. Although he has a church, with different doctrines from the old WCG, he greatly uses his platform to expose the old WCG, and most of all, Mark Armstrong and the ICG.

Currently he is doing a series on exposing Mark and his son Micheal. You can follow him on YouTube at the following page :
Owensboro Church of Jesus Christ.

Starts at 44:58