Lesson for Bitter Armstrongite Ministers and Members Who Never Learn

Editorial for 2019: The following opinion is from the webmaster of the Painful Truth…

Sometimes in life we get just what we need to learn in order to advance our own personal journey while on this earth…

The armstronite ministers need to learn the lesson that with all the money they can collect, nothing short of failure awaits them as they bully the blue ribbon tithe payers. Not only is their business model obsolete, the religion is based on some very racist ideas such as BI. Not a real good idea in the current political and sociocultural context.

The UCG wrote:

We are pleased to inform you that during the recent Holy Day season, phase one of a massive two-part print advertising campaign became operational. From October 6 through November 3, 2019, the United Church of God will have placed 30 million Beyond Today magazine and booklet (study guide) ads in households throughout the United States. Phase two of this effort will occur in January and February 2020, when an additional 70 million ads will be placed…

This promotion will not do anything for the UCG bottom line. This campaign will fail as all of them do. In my opinion, this campaign they are promoting is for internal use. Otherwise a horse and pony show for the membership, that they the leadership are actually doing what Herbie did, to promote their version of the ‘gospel.’

In the end they are only depleting the memberships income. At the same time, they are trashing their own pension fund in which will allow themselves a decent retirement.

The proper way to promote is to use a digital campaign where there are no expensive printing presses involved. Advertising in newspapers is a piss poor choice seeing how most Americans do not subscribe to a newspaper. Then there is the printed version of the various books they offer to the public. Not cheap to print and to mail out. Why would United, or any ‘church’ use such a antiquated way to promote their wares?

Like I said, its a horse and pony show and you the membership are being played for fools.

We can only hope for that (1) ‘Eureka moment’ when the membership wakes up and sees the reality of what they are experiencing at the hands of another. When the times ahead get tough, you will wish you had all that money back in your pocket.

(1) Know as the ‘The eureka effect’ it is a common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept. A epiphany if you will.



2 Replies to “Lesson for Bitter Armstrongite Ministers and Members Who Never Learn”

  1. I left armstrongism 37 years ago I am so glad the people there were so fake and nasty ozzie engelbart told my wife she is headed for the lake of fire because she worn Jeans,such nonsense

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