Corporate Vampirism

Thus the religion of Corporate Vampirism
has been and remains the
“Religion of the Rulers”


Vampires are the predators of humans. They have come from human stock but represent the next stage in human DE-evolution. They are who accept and glory in their predatory nature. They are the Masters of the World.
They fully accept and embrace their bestial instincts and origins while applying the power of the mind and of the Will. Their achievements and deepest desires are made real by earthly and magical means.
From the highest corporate executive offices to the most secluded country
estate, our membership includes virtually every profession and lifestyle. We have a plan for you and it not what you think. We laugh in scorn at the humans who find themselves believing in the superstitious nonsense which our kind created for their control.
We care only for our own personal and physical well being.
We are the few who truly rule this material world and those who throw their lot in with us are wise indeed. For many are called.
Few are chosen.
Fewer, still, enter.


One can associate vampirism within the corporate world of Armstrongism.  These corporate churches have only one interest: money. The search for powerless victims with which they satiate their desire for money, thus, will never come to an end. They have no concern for the individuals, nor for the fact that they are literally robbing them of their means of survival.

The corporation starts with brainwashing the parents and deludes them into thinking they are obeying God by following the dictates of the religion. Their true desire is to own the hearts and minds of the children. If they can gain the hearts and control the minds of the children, then they can feed off this life blood far into the future. Some will be chosen as replacement ministers.

They start by binding the minds of these church kids from infancy. The children are restricted to church activities and church traditions only. They are forbidden to participate in such “pagan” customs such as Christmas. They are forced to embrace the holy days that are mentioned in scripture. They are never told that these days are based on pagan agriculture festivals from so long ago. In time anger and resentment grows. Mental scars that will follow them all their lives begin to form.

The Church is a Revolving Door

The dehumanizing architecture of the corporate Armstrong churches ensures that there will always be the fresh blood they desire for their own survival needs. But what happens when the blood runs low? This is the revolving door effect.

A efficient manager knows that when you use people up and they can give no more they leave. If they don’t leave you give them the boot. (This is the way you can avoid giving pay raises if your unscrupulous as a employer)

When one family is burnt out on trying to maintain the rigid requirements of the corporate church, they leave. Another will soon join the group as a replacement participant who thinks they just found the “truth” or “Gods true church.” The corporate presence on TV continues to pitch deceptive rhetoric that is used as a recruitment tool so that they can continue to feed without financial interruption well into the future.

Economically speaking, times are tough now-days and the family sitting in the corporate chairs within the corporate church, singing from a corporate song book at some point will be forced into a situation where choices will have to be made. Feed the minister or your family. The sad reality is they will make choices as so many in the past have. These church members will choose to feed the minister over their own families, those men who they see having the power of life or death over them. A man who they see as their mediator between themselves and God.

These are the church members who forsake their children for the benefit of the corporation. They have become infidels. Scarcity of goods is evident to all those who cross your path. Your children secretly resent you.

Mental Issues of the Church-ed

Terry Ratzmann shot up Meredith’s corporate church killing 7 and injuring 4 others. It is an extreme case in point of how a person can act out his anger.
If you will recall, Ratzmann entered the Sheraton Hotel building carrying a 9mm Beretta handgun and fired 22 rounds into the Living Church of God congregation, killing the minister and six others including the minister’s son. Ratzmann then shot and killed himself midway through the second out of three magazines.

Who would have thought that you could get killed by simply going to a corporate church? But that’s the dirty little secret. The sermons. They have had an awful effect on so many people over time. Some leave the corporation due to developing mental problems that get to be just too much. Others leave because the church makes them feel deficient in some other manner of their personal lives. The corporation has a doctrine which says that if you leave “You’ll lose your salvation.” So you stay. And in your mind you begin to hate the entire congregation without realizing the real source of your hatred. Problems arise if you act on these emotions. People can and do die from others who become unhinged and act out their frustrations.

So Why Stay?

Quit playing Santa Claus to these thugs. Withdraw your consent! Resign and take responsible control of your life and that of your family!

In past centuries, churches served people and performed works that were of benefit of the local community. The modern corporate church is the anti-theist compared to those of the past centuries. They serve only themselves. Don’t believe me? Look at those palaces in the Armstrong church franchises. They are but monuments to men build with your money. These buildings don’t honor God, but they do stand as a testimonial. An indictment as to the egos of vain and worthless men.

The first step towards you sanity and freedom starts the day you quit going to the corporate church and hand in your letter of resignation withdrawing your consent to be governed.

The second step towards your own personal freedom is to be found in the instructional video below. Throw all those books and booklets away. You must learn to think for yourself and stop the corporation from doing it for you!

The third step to personal freedom and sanity is to get counseling for all family members. Talk therapy has proven to be an essential first step to understanding yourself within the context of your own personal cultist experience.

And remember you believers, you don’t need ANY corporate vampire to tell you the thoughts of God or what He might be saying. They are just making it all up!

Will You Swing From a Nazi Meat Hook?

“Thus, once this EMPIRE is revived in Europe – AND BY UNITED
STATES HELP AT THAT-so gullible are we and dull of UNDERSTANDING!-
the new-born Fascist-Nazi military power will without warning
ATOMIC BOMBS, conquering our peoples, taking our survivors to Europe
as THEIR SLAVES! I have given you the prophecies on this time after time, and shall continue to shout this warning so long as God gives me breath and freedom !
Then it is that the MARK OF THE BEAST will be enforced. Unless OUR
people, then conquered SLAVES in Europe, will bow to the Roman religion,
-Herbert W. Armstrong
December 1948 Plain Truth, page 6

“PLAIN TRUTH readers know world events, before they occur!…Bible prophecy does indicate that Hitler MUST BE THE VICTOR, in his present Russian invasion!…Hitler will emerge from his Russian campaign stronger than ever, free to turn the entire might of his forces against Britain-and AMERICA!”
– PLAIN TRUTH, September- October 1941, page 7, H. W. Armstrong

As nearly as we can calculate from the dates of ancient history, the year 1936 will see the END of the Times of the Gentiles…. We may expect the present worldwide depression, time of trouble and fear of war to CONTINUE until the year 1936! …quickly after that time, we may expect to see the heavenly signs of the sun and moon becoming dark, the stars falling … which shall be followed by the ‘Day of the Lord'”
– PLAIN TRUTH, June-July 1934, page 5, H. W. Armstrong

“Mussolini and the Pope will hatch up an idea between them of setting up a world headquarters at JERUSALEM-and so Mussolini’s armies will enter into Palestine (Daniel 11:41), and eventually will capture just half of the city of Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:2).”
– PLAIN TRUTH, March 1938, page 8, H. W. Armstrong

– PLAIN TRUTH, January 1939, Page 4, H. W. Armstrong

“Once world war is resumed, it must continue on through the Great Tribulation, the heavenly signs, the plagues of the Day of the Lord, and to the Second Coming of Christ, at the last battle, at ARMAGEDDON!…But this you MAY KNOW! This war will be ended by CHRIST’S RETURN! And war MAY start within six weeks! We are just THAT NEAR Christ’s coming!
– PLAIN TRUTH, August 1939, page 6, H. W. Armstrong

 “God Almighty has spoken through His servants the prophets that He will punish our people for their sins. He will let our own lust cause such droughts, floods, pestilences and famines that we will be totally consumed and carried away captive to other nations as SLAVES WITHIN TWENTY YEARS.”
– PLAIN TRUTH, October 1955, page 15, H. L. Hoeh

Painful to know that there are some of the old timers who will explain to me that the time line might be off a little, but that it’s all going to come true soon enough!

What Armstrong wrote above was the practice of  “Undue Influence” on ignorant people who trusted him for no apparent reason other than he was a preacher. Would these folks do the same for a politician? I think not!


The questions I have for the members of the Armstrong brand religion is:

  • Why do you stay when the founder/prophet of your religion has gotten so much wrong?
  • Why do you ignore your bible when it speaks of the false prophets: “When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” (Deuteronomy 18:22)
  • Do you REALLY fear God?
  • Do you fear the Nazi punishment that HWA said is coming?
  • When attending church, are you using the event as a social occasion?
  • And finally, why do you hold up an evil and incestuous man as holy and honorable?

Of course I wouldn’t think about asking Meredith, or Flurry, not even that other little rodent known as the “Pack Rat.” We should know by now that the Armstrong religion has spread out to become franchises. Little churches that use fear, and heavy handed tactics to keep their blue ribbon tithe paying soldiers in line while they themselves don’t have to go out and suffer a real job!

So when we read something like this:

“Where are God’s true prophets today? … This work has been warning America of definite and tremendous events to come for many years!”
“…on THE WORLD TOMORROW broadcast and in this magazine we have dared to unlock the Bible prophecies and apply them to specific nations and events that are now being affected. Do you grasp the significance of this’?”
– PLAIN TRUTH, August 1957, pages 3, 6, R. C. Meredith


Do I grasp the significance of this? Ya, its all bullshit!

It is about money. Money in the corporate world of Armstrongism. You the member get all the debts and the leaders get all the benefits!

You see, it is called Corporate Vampirism”
More on that in a day!