Corporate Vampirism

Thus the religion of Corporate Vampirism
has been and remains the
“Religion of the Rulers”


Vampires are the predators of humans. They have come from human stock but represent the next stage in human DE-evolution. They are who accept and glory in their predatory nature. They are the Masters of the World.
They fully accept and embrace their bestial instincts and origins while applying the power of the mind and of the Will. Their achievements and deepest desires are made real by earthly and magical means.
From the highest corporate executive offices to the most secluded country
estate, our membership includes virtually every profession and lifestyle. We have a plan for you and it not what you think. We laugh in scorn at the humans who find themselves believing in the superstitious nonsense which our kind created for their control.
We care only for our own personal and physical well being.
We are the few who truly rule this material world and those who throw their lot in with us are wise indeed. For many are called.
Few are chosen.
Fewer, still, enter.


One can associate vampirism within the corporate world of Armstrongism.  These corporate churches have only one interest: money. The search for powerless victims with which they satiate their desire for money, thus, will never come to an end. They have no concern for the individuals, nor for the fact that they are literally robbing them of their means of survival.

The corporation starts with brainwashing the parents and deludes them into thinking they are obeying God by following the dictates of the religion. Their true desire is to own the hearts and minds of the children. If they can gain the hearts and control the minds of the children, then they can feed off this life blood far into the future. Some will be chosen as replacement ministers.

They start by binding the minds of these church kids from infancy. The children are restricted to church activities and church traditions only. They are forbidden to participate in such “pagan” customs such as Christmas. They are forced to embrace the holy days that are mentioned in scripture. They are never told that these days are based on pagan agriculture festivals from so long ago. In time anger and resentment grows. Mental scars that will follow them all their lives begin to form.

The Church is a Revolving Door

The dehumanizing architecture of the corporate Armstrong churches ensures that there will always be the fresh blood they desire for their own survival needs. But what happens when the blood runs low? This is the revolving door effect.

A efficient manager knows that when you use people up and they can give no more they leave. If they don’t leave you give them the boot. (This is the way you can avoid giving pay raises if your unscrupulous as a employer)

When one family is burnt out on trying to maintain the rigid requirements of the corporate church, they leave. Another will soon join the group as a replacement participant who thinks they just found the “truth” or “Gods true church.” The corporate presence on TV continues to pitch deceptive rhetoric that is used as a recruitment tool so that they can continue to feed without financial interruption well into the future.

Economically speaking, times are tough now-days and the family sitting in the corporate chairs within the corporate church, singing from a corporate song book at some point will be forced into a situation where choices will have to be made. Feed the minister or your family. The sad reality is they will make choices as so many in the past have. These church members will choose to feed the minister over their own families, those men who they see having the power of life or death over them. A man who they see as their mediator between themselves and God.

These are the church members who forsake their children for the benefit of the corporation. They have become infidels. Scarcity of goods is evident to all those who cross your path. Your children secretly resent you.

Mental Issues of the Church-ed

Terry Ratzmann shot up Meredith’s corporate church killing 7 and injuring 4 others. It is an extreme case in point of how a person can act out his anger.
If you will recall, Ratzmann entered the Sheraton Hotel building carrying a 9mm Beretta handgun and fired 22 rounds into the Living Church of God congregation, killing the minister and six others including the minister’s son. Ratzmann then shot and killed himself midway through the second out of three magazines.

Who would have thought that you could get killed by simply going to a corporate church? But that’s the dirty little secret. The sermons. They have had an awful effect on so many people over time. Some leave the corporation due to developing mental problems that get to be just too much. Others leave because the church makes them feel deficient in some other manner of their personal lives. The corporation has a doctrine which says that if you leave “You’ll lose your salvation.” So you stay. And in your mind you begin to hate the entire congregation without realizing the real source of your hatred. Problems arise if you act on these emotions. People can and do die from others who become unhinged and act out their frustrations.

So Why Stay?

Quit playing Santa Claus to these thugs. Withdraw your consent! Resign and take responsible control of your life and that of your family!

In past centuries, churches served people and performed works that were of benefit of the local community. The modern corporate church is the anti-theist compared to those of the past centuries. They serve only themselves. Don’t believe me? Look at those palaces in the Armstrong church franchises. They are but monuments to men build with your money. These buildings don’t honor God, but they do stand as a testimonial. An indictment as to the egos of vain and worthless men.

The first step towards you sanity and freedom starts the day you quit going to the corporate church and hand in your letter of resignation withdrawing your consent to be governed.

The second step towards your own personal freedom is to be found in the instructional video below. Throw all those books and booklets away. You must learn to think for yourself and stop the corporation from doing it for you!

The third step to personal freedom and sanity is to get counseling for all family members. Talk therapy has proven to be an essential first step to understanding yourself within the context of your own personal cultist experience.

And remember you believers, you don’t need ANY corporate vampire to tell you the thoughts of God or what He might be saying. They are just making it all up!

16 Replies to “Corporate Vampirism”

  1. Vampires are a legacy from a gloomy dark past who no longer have real relevance in today’s world.

    They hate the light that burns them when truth is exposed: It can ruin their life.

    They live on blood money.

    The chief vampire of the clan also has a great swelling ego, secure that he is the best of the most powerful beings on earth.

    They revel in turning people, and if they cannot be turned, then they are cast out.

    Accepted societal authorities not only seem helpless to assist, but often act as if the vampires don’t actually exist.

    Many people are too scared to pursue hunting these evil creatures down and dispatching them, even though Scripture says that they are not to be allowed to live.

    There are too few Van Helsings today and far too many vampires (more than 700 nests at last count).

  2. In teresti ng thing about men and violence. I have faced this problem in trying to find a wife, and failed miserably, because even though the woman chosen is quite excited that I am interested in her, there ultimately comes a battle in which I am asked to give my soul for the greater corporate good. Generally the argument takes a form of pragmatism: “Even if you are right, you will gain nothing by your battle with authorities, except to go to jail, and THEN where will you be?”

    In discussing this with women, even libertarian women, I am told that the woman seeks a man who provides security, and security will generally take precedence over his need to stand for right. Too “macho”, needs to learn to tone down the male need to be a hero for his wife and family. Do as you’re told. You can on ly imagine the mental effects of a man who entered the old COG and was told his marriage, after many years and a few children, is invalid in God’s eyes. Be a man but do it according to the dictates of the corporate chuirch and the government who both dictate how you should behave toward family. Within American law, it was once provided that a man had the presumption of innocence, and could not be forced to incriminate humself. He had the right to face an accuser who claimed legitimate damage, and could meet the accuser as an equal before the law. Corporate churches and present US government have suspended this right and now force men to stand before a judge in such things as traffic court, and plead guilty to a “crime” in which no one is harmed , and only the government claims any “damage”. It is the increasing frustration of a no win situation that drives more a nd more men toward acts of violence as there seems to be no other remedy.

  3. Ralph, interesting point, upon which we can expand: Our country was founded upon the individual pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now we have one man’s vision which is being enforced as to what that would be, just as it was under Herbert Armstrong.

    In the cult of Herbert Armstrong, just as it is in the cult of government (Washington D.C. is an open insane asylum where pretty much all elected officials are crazy and if they aren’t, it’s so dysfunctional, who could tell), the only freedom is for the cult leader. That doesn’t work for me any more. I don’t particularly see any value in giving my time and money to a man who doesn’t care one whit for me and who I cannot trust. Who died and left you God is an important question to ask. By whose authority do you do all these immoral, unethical and illegal things? In fact, why should we even consider your rotten example, because if we did what you did, we’d be arrested and maybe even executed: There are laws, you know, and not the artificial ones you just made up to make us pay money for no particularly good reason.

    If we are to be free and equal, there is no particularly good reason to be a narcissistic source, either. If you would wither and die if you couldn’t have all the attention and applause as you sweep in your chauffeured limo with your armed guards and be treated as a god in your own right, that’s just too bad. Wither and die. Why should we care about you? You give us nothing and take everything from us you can get your money grubbing ego on. Go to hell on your own — we don’t need you to lead us there.

  4. RAlph wrote “It is the increasing frustration of a no win situation that drives more a nd more men toward acts of violence as there seems to be no other remedy.”

    That is why I am leaning to the anarchist point of view. No matter who you put in office they want more power for themselves. Well screw government!

    The current administration is a cult with cult like followers. People who want to be served by others (welfare class) through the confiscation of my wealth and give it to others. Well if I wanted to give to charity I would. Why the hell is the government running to us? The answer can be found in the power base. You buy votes through handouts. In the process you destroy the individual and any greater potential to develop the creativity and wealth that can lead to a happier life.

    That wealth can be taxed to run a limited government. I’m fine with that. But look what Amerika is doing with the tax money and borrowed money. 23 countries in Africa get Amerikan troops next year. What the fuck for???

    No, any man whether a cult leader or a politician can be trusted. Those who support them are enablers. I guess in the end, the weak look for a god, and those who stand as free individuals get all the liabilities for the problems the other group causes.

  5. I flirted with anarchism for a while. But, it dawned on me that I really didn’t want true, total and complete anarchism. Actually, what I really wanted was to be the only anarchist, or perhaps one of the very few. Having everyone else restrained by the law, and getting away with being the one to whom the law somehow never seemed to apply seemed to meet my needs.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that what we need is a basic set of values, and some limited law in order to preserve our freedom. IOW, some law promotes freedom. But, it’s kind of like salt. A little law and order goes a long way. Problem is, the control freaks, the power hungry, tend to want too much of it, just so long as they get to be in charge. Tyrrany is the result, and basically our nation was founded partially to get rid of
    that. Why people voluntarily submit to it in their church has always been beyond my comprehension.


  6. If you study the evolution of law from more a ncient times to the present, and if you’re inclined to believe Jesus’ teaching on the law, you can recognize a process in which individual freedom and law co-exist.

    Jesus pointed out that he came to fulfill every jot and tittle of the law. If you take that and place it alongside his admo nitio ns in Matthew 5:25 and Matt. 18:15-18, you see that everyt jot and tittle of the law is avilable to YOU, not to the collective power of the state or religion. That is, sin ce every jot and tittle of the law is preserved, you may indiviodually apply every possible jot and tittle regarding YOUR situation in challenging an accuser or acting as accuser, though as a christian, we are told to avoid accusation.

    This is merely one aspect of what was recognized in common law as “due process”. If you are charged with anything in court, you have certain protections provided in addition to your protection of every jot and tittle of the law.
    1.Presumption of innocence(Isaiah 54:17)
    2.Right to face and challenge your accuser(Isaiah 50:8)
    3. Right to question the authority of any state representative to accuse you(Exodus 23:1-2)
    4. Right against self incrimination, as Jesus himself practiced at his own trial in John 18:19-23
    5. You will see also a form of jury trial recommended by Paul in 1 Corinthians 6, in avoidance of the state.

    These are fundamentally recognized as common law, or what the constitution calls “due process” of law(Justice Story’s Commentaries).

    If you compare these facts to Blackstone;s presentation of common law, you will not see anarchy, but the individual’s right to live as s/he pleases, as long as no one else is harmed. IOW, it is similar to anarchy UNLESS your actions deliberately harm aother, but you are allowed to settle it fully out of court, or using two witnesses , or calling the community or church to decide while a voiding vengeance, as both Jesus and Paul advocate(Matthew 18:15-18, Romans 12:19).

    Obviously jury trial is a form of this in its totality, but we(or the state) have tried to eliminate the necessity of community involvement in favor of purely mechanical legal processes that favor specialists. Actually I authored a chapter in a book on this, published and co-authored by Reed Kinney, titled “De-Centralized Economic Social Organization”

  7. Now, now [note the sarcastic tone], this freedom is theoretically a fine thing, but there are two things wrong with it:

    1) It just takes too much time, we have things to do and it just gets in the way;

    2) Individual freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not the vision of our leader, and we absolutely MUST be controlled and taxed to death for our own good to implement his vision of what is good for us because we are too stupid to be able to decide for ourselves.

    Our all wise leader must set the arbitrary laws to insure that the dysfunctional environment he has created through his lack of accountability is according to his vision: Leader knows best. No, no, his listening to anyone will spoil his high concepts. He knows better than everyone else and that’s why we selected him to dominate and control us, while he goes forth and creates divisiveness to cause everyone to be at each other’s throats to divide and conquer. Trust him. He knows best. We may be sick, in want and poverty to die homeless at the end, but we will have a GREAT society: Just work 17 hours a day, 7 days a week and listen to the propaganda and keep your mouth shut — dissidents ruin everything and everyone must be kept poverty stricken and under control for the sake of the leadership (living in splendor and comfort with power and ego).

    And we can all experience how that all turns out as it all goes to scrap.

  8. One of the questions never addressed is how these vampires treat their own family.

    In the case of Herbert Armstrong, there are a number of reports about his illegitimate grandchildren sired by Garner Ted Armstrong.

    While the Worldwide Church of God paid $5 million for the divorce from Ramona (it wasn’t Herbert Armstrong’s money, since he claimed he didn’t have anything of his own and didn’t even pay 10% of his income to the church), Herbert Armstrong himself did nothing to insure that his illegitimate grandchildren and their mothers who had been raped by GTA had sufficient support. The fact is, the whole thing was covered up and no one really admitted the whole disgusting scenario: It was kept secret, the mothers lived in poverty and the children apparently didn’t have very much. Certainly, the children didn’t have the name, so they didn’t get the goodies.

    In this worship of the vampires, people tend to forget the other collateral damage they did: To their own families. They were left in poverty and want. As far as the vampire was concerned, they could just die, in misery, alone, homeless — he didn’t care and didn’t want to know.

    What was really important to the vampire was his own creature comforts.

    What you really have to think about is, if he was so casually cruel to his own family, what can you expect if you aren’t part of it?

  9. For people such as HWA or any of the rest of the coporate bloodsuckers, the main thing that MUST be dione is destruction of the family, and destruction of the father figure as one who stands against corruption.

    The founders detested corporations, and embraced English common law as their birthright partly because it did not recognize corporatism in any form. Corporations were created by civil law, and common law never recognized such authority. Under common law “person” means a literal, air breathing thi nking, self referencing person like you or I, not a giant conglomerate that rules over the masses. Churches took corporate form since the days of “Wooward vs Dartmouth” decided by Chief Justice Marshall. But if you read Marshall’s decision carefully, you will see that Dartmouth retained its “personhood” ONLY because its charter had been granted by the King of England, and by treaty we were bound to honor it.

    Many have ignored this simple fact, and allowed corporation gradually to assume “personhood” under the US Constitution when there is not one word recognizing it, nor can there be, since the constitution is a CIVIL document, not a common law document.

  10. “Many have ignored this simple fact, and allowed corporation gradually to assume “personhood” under the US Constitution”

    And what we have now is the corporations running America. It is fascistic and in the end leads to the ruin of a country. As it stands this country is ruined, we just haven’t hung out a sign saying “Closed. Out of business”

  11. Does anyone know who these impregnated mothers, or illegitimate grandchildren are? I’m sure the gestapo made a Herculean effort to keep this all a secret, but it would be interesting to see pictures and to know what has transpired in their lives, as we examine yet another horrid dimension of Armstrongism. No matter how deep we go, there always seems to be a new lower level!


  12. I only remember some comments from a blog I was on at one time. One of the women knew someone who had been raped by GTA and had a child. She was ignored by the Armstrongs and lived in poverty.

    Of course, this is a double whammy, since the church would make certain such women would not be able to attend a congregation.

    I believe the woman in questioned lived next door to the person on the blog, which would pretty much be the only way anyone would know.

    And Byker Bob, the depth of depravity goes on and on, sort of like having two mirrors facing each other.

    To think of all the broadcasts of the World Tomorrow about the corruption of the people bringing judgment….

    And yet, none of them repent: They just want to sell it so they can have a salary, retirement and have people look up to them to satisfy their ego.

    For believers, God is the Judge, but He gives a them a life time to prove whether He wants to spend eternity with them. The decision at the final judgment should come as no particular shock to any of them, even Roderick Meredith who claims he never committed any major sin since his baptism. I have my doubts as to his potential for redemption, as I do for any of them.

    If they believe what they preach, they are extremely short sighted; but if not, they are total hypocrites.

  13. Ratzmann then shot and killed himself midway through the second out of three magazines.

    This is most revealing part of the article. They then shoot themselves. The recent ammo discharges in USA over school kids, the dive for cover lessons in junior school in Canada that has induced mental fears and gun evils to the point of nightmares and crying fits in our kids is also interesting. I could not even mention the US constitution, and why the right to bear arms was placed into that document drew huge “Shut ups” from petrified Canadian parents that the kids are already having nightmares was also interesting. The new generation is goverment programed was my take away and I was sitting with a teacher.

    I wonder reading the article if “Church Programing” is somewhat similar. It tends to produce similar results.

    1. Bob,

      Gun rights in America (the second amendment) was put into the constitution as a safeguard against government tyranny. The problem is not guns. It is a sign of societal breakdown. Now we have an asshole senator that wants to regulate knives. Only in America. Land of the slaves, home of the grandchildren of the now dead brave.

      1. I agree 100% James about why we all should have that right. MONTHS of debate took place,several drafts of the proposed US constitution, with Adams more or less seeing this through in my view.

        The various “Churches of god” use a different instrument, called religion, and frequently we see similar horrors there. Religion by itself is inert, like a gun, it is what it is, a tool.

        The Armstrongs dumped yards and yards of mind bending ammo upon it’s faithful, and that may have had an effect on millions globally.

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