Leaving and Cutting all Ties.

John reports in on his progress after leaving Tkaches circus sideshow some years ago. Breaking ties isn’t always a easy thing to do. Especially those who latch on to you and won’t let go…

Hello James

I hope this email finds you well.

Not much to report, in a sense, it seems that everywhere (in my country) people are running around like headless chickens.

I’ve had somewhat success in my consulting business; certainly I have dealt with a few major international players. I guess I just need one major breakthrough right now to give me some much needed momentum

My connections to WWCoG will soon turn to cob-webs; recently I was asked by my last WWCoG contact to remove the last of my (expensive) music equipment from his store – now the thing is it was convenient to store the stuff there, the wanker stays about 10 minutes from my current residence.

Now, the stuff only took up a small bit of space, maybe about one square meter, but was safely locked away and protected from rain etc – considering the small amount of space on his big property, it was a bit strange re his request, but of course it just prompted me to store the equipment in one of my big stores which I have now rented for this purpose.

The wanker always seems to have some kind of agenda; hence his request might have been some attempt to get me over to his place. When I arrived, his wife proceeded to butt in and get the feather duster and in an inappropriate way prevent me from just moving the stuff, loading it up and getting the hell out of there – they tend to get me all claustrophobic, especially when they pretend to “help” –

While I was moving the stuff to my vehicle they wax eloquent and tell me how I can sell the stuff on ebay etc – despite our 20 year connection they still don’t get it: I have no intention of selling the stuff, they are collectibles and increase in value, and have no need for any such “advice” –

I think I know what I am doing re my personal stuff and my personal situation.

They do the same thing re my 1981 450 SLC Mercedes, always asking me “when you going to sell it?”


Have they spent 10 years restoring it? Have they painstakingly searched for parts, year after year, so as not to blow the budget I have estimated for the car? Have they searched for manuals and technical expertise, to ensure the damn thing is done right?

No, they have no such ambition or ability, and continue to be strapped to the “bible way” of doing things – ie submitting to slavery and being unable to escape.

I have never heard this wanker say anything positive about his son; his son is very successful, at least from a financial point of view – his father  always runs him down, and likes to tel me how his son is going the wrong way – yet he has recently admitted to me that he has financial problems, but brags how he is not affected, YET at the same time his rich son buys him a brand new vehicle – which he then accepts – hypocritical, I would say – if his son is on the WRONG PATH, then why accept the FRUITS of that wrong path? Ie the new vehicle? – is his faith then not failing? I mean boast and be critical on the one hand, and then accept the hand of one who is on the wrong path to bale him out!


It recently came to my attention that he convinced his daughter and her husband to move in with them, because of their financial problem, ie they will now pay some rent because they will now be staying at this wanker’s place.

Anyway, as was loading my music equipment into my vehicle, next thing his wife has a go at me and says that they “are very concerned” because I seem to be very angry at the church, don’t attend the wanker’s bible studies etc etc –


I left WWCoG 13 years ago, and definitively do NOT discuss any WWCoG issues with them, because I know where it will end – despite the fact that they have left WWCoG,  they stll have issues, yet boast how they have “overcome the church”, have no ill feelings etc etc.

On the one hand they boast how they have left the church etc, then the wanker affirms that HWA “was the closest to the truth” – it is a case of severe schizophrenia – they project all their crap on to other people and accuse them of the very things they are guilty of

When I loaded the last of my equipment onto my vehicle, all of a sudden they are desperately inviting me in for tea, as if they sense they may not see me again.

I just made a hasty retreat out of there – on the way to my store,  for about 15 minutes I was swearing and cursing, then after that I strong sense of relief came over me.

Fuck, now they have no hold over me in any way – no need for that stifling doom and gloom atmosphere – to this day they are UNAWARE of the stifling, claustrophobic effect they have on people –

Their poor daughter and son-in-law; they have been manipulated by this wanker to give up their more that suitable accommodation and move in with them  – it won’t be long before the shouting and screaming commences – they believe they have superior inter-personal skills, despite the screaming matches that ensue when their family gets together – and that’s only concerning short visits – I can only imagine what will happen after a few months of hell living together.

Well, that’s one thorn out of my flesh, anyway