The Journal is Cursed!

The Journal, Issue Number 170 (February 28, 2015) is out and has a surprising announcement in the “Letters from our readers” — Ambassador Ogorek disfellowships and rebukes The Journal on page 2:

Ambassador, God the Most High, canceling JOURNAL subscription and ads. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ, turn you over to Satan for destruction, you and your newspaper, for violating the right of integrity concerning my creative works, my news ad. To you, your family and friends: No trespassing.

Ambassador Vincent Ogorek
Elk Grove, Ill.

Oh, dear. Bad news for Dixon Cartwright.

Dixon explains what happened:

Mr. Ogorek’s reference to THE JOURNAL’s alleged violation of his “right of integrity concerning my creative works” is an apparent allusion to a disagreement Mr. Ogorek and JOURNAL publisher Dixon Cartwright had about the Old English typeface. Mr. Ogorek specified Old English as a way to emphasize words and phrases in his ads (the last of which appeared on page 7 of issue No. 169). Mr. Cartwright refused to set words, including names of deity, in all-capital letters if they were in the Old English font.

Mr. Cartwright, who considers himself to be a typographer after operating a typesetting business for many years, said Old English set in all-capital letters is an “abomination” and that no self-respecting typographer would inflict such a “monstrosity” on readers. Doing so is “probably a violation of the Third Commandment” if it involves names for God, Mr. Cartwright quipped.

Mr. Ogorek said Mr. Cartwright’s refusal to set Old English in all caps was “over the top” and a few weeks later turned Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright and their newspaper over to Satan.

Mr. Cartwright and his wife, Linda, have been de-facto disfellowshipped several times over the years. The first notable excommunication occurred in 1995 in letters from Big Sandy WCG pastor Don Mears.

Mr. Mears, in separate letters to Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, explained that he had “heard” that Mr. Cartwright no longer wished to fellowship with the WCG and that Mrs. Cartwright had actually stopped attending.

A writer of a letter to THE JOURNAL several years ago pronounced a curse on Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, asking God to inflict boils on their faces “the size of hen’s eggs.” Mr. Cartwright says he doesn’t remember the specific reason for the curse, only that the letter writer seemed upset.

Well, you know what Proverbs 26:2 says, the curse causeless shall not come. So we have to believe, based on Scripture, Dixon Cartwright deserves it. Who knows?

Here’s what Olde English looks like:

Imagine that in all caps. Further imagine an entire article of Olde English in CAPS! Still, Mr. Ogorek has a point. The Journal is pretty messed up.

We’ve pretty much disproved the religion of Herbert Armstrong and you can find the evidence in The Foundation of Sand. British Israelism is total rubbish and Herbert Armstrong used it as a basis to become a spectacular false prophet. There’s no latitude for discussion and no one can argue with the science. The whole religion is just plain stupid.

Of course, there are other sources that expose Herbert Armstrong Crackpotology:

In part I, Religion: The Anglo-Israelites, you can find this text:

But the Anglo-Israelite seeds had been planted. One of the earliest American Anglo-Israelite treatises was Two Sticks, or the Lost Tries of Israel Discovered, by an anonymous minister in the Church of the Brethren. But it was J.H. Allen’s Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright, published in 1902, that introduced bible students, among them Herbert W. Armstrong, who would later spread the doctrine through his Worldwide Church of God. Not until the 1920s would Anglo-Israelism capture a large audience in the U.S.

Anyone who professes British Israelism is a kook. You can get more of this information at the British Israelism website from the online book, The Spectacular Failure of British Israelism. The Journal is quite the promoter of British Israelism and the kooks who profess it. Notice the article on page 3, European democracy lost! by Brian Harris. Notice what this crackpot says on page 4:

Punishment exacted

Germany has fulfilled its dubious task of exacting punishment on all 12 modern-day descendant nations of ancient Israel, now located in the United States and Britain and the nations of Western and Northwestern Europe.

Today Germany again dominates Europe economically and politically and has already developed the Arian rocket, launching several tons of payload into orbit from its base in South America.

With a huge budget the Germans have created the European Space Project, building rockets that can easily be deployed against America and Britain as were the Vengeance 1 and 2 rockets used on London during World War II.

England ceasing to exist

It is shocking how Germany is literally being forced into the leadership position in Europe, and the German dream of world domination is being stimulated once more.

National characteristics are an interesting study. Knowing German origins, Churchill said: “Germany has displayed a belligerent nature in the last 2,000 years. They do not change.”

The German people will change when they are eventually given God’s Spirit of peace, but for now they will do His bidding as He disciplines America and Britain, returning our nations to the love of His laws by national destruction and captivity.

Dixon Cartwright allowed this nonsense without comment. Outside of the fact that Britain is not a lost tribe of Israel, Germany is not Assyria, there’s another prominent problem with this rubbish article. Hasn’t anyone told Dixon Cartwright that the current British Royalty is from Germany? A quick check at Wikipedia should have sufficed. Dixon Cartwright isn’t much of a journalist — he’s a purveyor of nonsensical idiocy.

Scripture is insistent that Satan is a liar and deceiver. Some how Mr. Ogorek turning over The Journal to Satan seems rather redundant, since the Devil seems to have taken over a long time ago.

The Journal is a window into an insane asylum.