Rod Meredith

Here is a oldie but goody…

Some ten years later I began my career as a college English teacher. Over the next thirty-five years I regularly told this story to students, always reassuring them that I would never award them a grade they had not earned. I would conclude by saying, “I don’t want you to lose respect for me the way I lost respect for Roderick Meredith.”

Rod Meredith – An Old Softie?

Twisted minds invent twisted religions

The last post “Twisted religions are invented by twisted minds” continues with this post titled “Twisted minds invent twisted religions”.

From William Hinson’s Broadway to Armageddon (1977).

As we continue with chapter 4 we will read about healing, dress, and drunkenness at the feast. In addition we have a Negro the church discriminated against when applying for entrance to Ambassador College. And last we learn of Rod Meredith’s lack of faith by going to a doctor for a detached retina.

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