Twisted minds invent twisted religions

The last post “Twisted religions are invented by twisted minds” continues with this post titled “Twisted minds invent twisted religions”.

From William Hinson’s Broadway to Armageddon (1977).

As we continue with chapter 4 we will read about healing, dress, and drunkenness at the feast. In addition we have a Negro the church discriminated against when applying for entrance to Ambassador College. And last we learn of Rod Meredith’s lack of faith by going to a doctor for a detached retina.

We continue with the page of the last post.

One might ask how the Nazi movement gained prominence in the last century. The answer is found in Armstrongism and how it grew into a monstrosity of abuse, sexual assault, and depravity all the while the membership and leaders ignored the crimes. The people seared their conscious with a hot iron and followed the leadership into a type of hell no one should ever experience.

In Nazi Germany, the people who saw what was going on got out of the country. Those who stayed were complicit in the crimes of the state. They themselves would pay the costs in the decades to come.

The Armstrong’s enslaved tens of thousands of human beings into a sick form of bondage using the tool of religion. Like a political movement gone amuck, Armstrongism in its heyday destroyed families, killed children, and created an army of mindless insects ready to march on any order given to them without a thought. What is the difference between a destructive political movement or a religious organization who ignores basic human rights and dignity?

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