Rumpelstiltskin. Part Three

Part Three.

The Magic of Merlin.

In time the king was investigated by those from another realm. A realm that ruled over the laws of the continent. King Herbert being wise as a serpent summoned his assistant Merlin to the Chambers of Arizona where he fled saying: ‘Come quickly to my rescue for the heathens from the Attorney Generals Office are at my door and have me on their Radar for destruction! The sheep have locked themselves unto the outer chamber to keep the heathen at bay and my governors are gaining loyalties unto themselves!’

Now Merlin, who was later derided as a devil by the people of the land, came to the Chambers of Arizona to discuss the dire situation. And the little man who was called king cried out to him:


‘The devil has done this! The devil has done this!

For Satan himself longs to destroy my kingdom and all my loyal slaves.’


And in his anger the king plunged his right foot so deep into the earth that his whole leg went in, and in a rage he pulled at his left leg so hard with both hands that he tore himself in two. The king was divided!

In time Merlin managed to calm the king explaining that he could cast a spell and drive out the heathens from the outer palace chambers. For a price! The king was ecstatic and agreed to the terms that Merlin spelled out and ordered the treasurer to expend the necessary funds.

Using the positioning of heavenly bodies and verbal incantations, Merlin entered the circle calling on the dark unseen forces to fulfill the kings wishes. And he chanted:

And it came to pass that Merlin drove out the Attorney General heathens from the kings outer palace chamber. All charges of impropriety were soon forgotten, and there was peace once again for the king. Yet not a man with moral direction could be found within all the kingdom.


Over time the kings tangled web of lies and deceit began to unravel. The eyes of many slowly opened to view the nakedness and shame of their once mighty ruler. Some of the elite sheep quietly suspected the king was guilty of the many sexual sins he was accused of, but did nothing. Some knew outright of the darkness that dwelt in the heart of the king and yet ignored it. The dedication of those governors in the inner court was to their own financial interests. Then there was those in the outer chamber, those who are weak and with torn garments who believed in the king and thought that he was truly a servant of the almighty God and that of the kingdom. Both howled and swore at those who told of the kings corruption saying “They come forth to tear the inner court apart and make it the outer court casting out our king!”

For it is mans way to fight truth and to embrace lies. For it is the road of least resistance they have chosen to take! This is the moral direction of those who claim wisdom and yet embrace evil!

The Great Falling Away.

The king full of years and sick of mind found that the time had come to appoint an successor to his throne. With a weak mind and failing constitution the king pondered his choices. Having disposed his son so many years earlier, the king thought of himself and what legacy he was to leave behind. For his choice would be a man who would never change his decrees or laws. Laws and decrees that oppressed those of the outer court for so many decades.

The king frustrated and confused, went before the altar of his god saying,

‘Oh Lord of hosts, tell me, who shall I appoint as my successor? Who shall uphold my laws and decrees? Who shall continue my legacy? Protect thy kingdom from those that wish to destroy all that I have built with my hands! Show me the one who can continue this kingdom to the very end!’

And in a flash the Fairy that grants wishes appeared before his eyes. For it was this Fairy early in the kings rule that granted Herbert all the gold and silver he desired along with all the first born of the kingdom. And the Fairy spoke,

‘Oh king what was is it you wish to counseled about? Do you desire more gold and silver?’

And the king replied,

‘It is not gold nor silver I wish for. If you can grant me more years so that I can do the work of the Lord I shall give you anything you want.’

And the Fairy replied,

‘Oh king, that I cannot grant you for it is not in my powers to grant such things. It was your prayers I heard to the most high that draw me forth from out of the shadows that I come here before you today.’

‘Very well’ the king replied, ‘then grant me this. Let wisdom and insight be mine for I must appoint a successor over all that I possess.’

Now the Fairy being wiser than the king, thought on this for a moment. Knowing that the king was soon to perish and embrace the chains of darkness, he spoke.

‘I will grant your request.’ the Fairy replied ‘On your passing I shall appear in your inner chamber to advise your successor.’

And the king was pleased for all that the Fairy had granted, ensuring that his legacy would live on. For death was soon to overtake the king.