Olive Branch May 18, 2011

Having recently registered and found great interest in the new (and beautifully designed) website www.ambassadorbigsandyalumni.com for AC Big Sandy students of the distant past, I wanted to insert comments here to introduce my Painful Truth blog posts. If anyone catching up with my life through the marvelous site recently launched by Tom & Nancy Williams should want to read what I have posted here, welcome to more of my writing. I do hope you’ll go to Feb 1, 2011 post to begin.

Please understand one over-arching truth about me: I am a Live-and-Let-Live Humanist. Noticing that several of my long-time friends and acquaintances from ACBS have included in their new website profiles, comments as to their faith, beliefs, pains, wanderings, etc., I need to say to all of you that nothing I have posted here was ever intended to be incendiary or purposely off-putting. It isn’t even personal! I often state flatly my philosophical views just to put something out there that may be of help in any way to anyone reading. There is nothing judgmental in anything I say or in how I relate to others. If anything seems too harsh for your tastes, I am sorry for any ill effect on you. I certainly would not want anything to prevent our having new conversations and the opportunity for a casual friendship. I am always pleased to see that someone has found peace and happiness in any way; these are difficult to attain and no one’s views need be similar to mine for me to still be called “friend.”

Mark (Salyer) Manning, California – 5/18/11

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  1. thank you thank you thank you You have changed my life,,,,,,,, Ron Weinland lives maybe 2 miles from me and mom ,,,,both x culties I love your site ,
    i told her about his church as Ralph Dowd has been here to visit

  2. please respond ask anything i was raised in the church from 1967,,, lots of pain brother died,,,, unconverted mate father committed suicide,,,, mother member raging alcoholic,,,,,,,,, love you

  3. Hey, Mark, come on over and I’ll make you some chocolate chip chews. LOL! Bet you have forgot that and probably me! Lots has happened since those days. Both Moe and Ken are dead. (Don’t know if you have heard.) I would like to hear from you.

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