Feedback From a Reader II. The Spiritual State.

This is a continuation of my correspondence with “John Smith.”

Hello James – –

You really have the skill of hitting the nail on the head;


“To answer your question, “Are There any sane X-World-Widers Out There?” the answer is a few. If they leave the group, give up
religion, these people have a tendency to be decent then.

But if they were low-lifers to begin with, then they remain the
same. Some fucking brotherhood eh? My experience is that the whole fucking lot of them are a bunch of moronic fools with the exception of a few.”

PT Editor,

One would think that those attending some kind of church would at least understand the basic principles of BROTHERHOOD –

The net result of WWCoG proves that there never was any brotherhood;

even today if I mention the tragedy of the WWCoG divorce doctrine,

the die-hards smugly retort something like “oh no those things are exaggerations” etc etc

or “god hates divorce” – – – funny, the doctrine CAUSED divorce, but the members are more interested in a bunch of rules than the welfare of their brethren!

Tearing apart a stable family makes no sense by any stretch of the imagination – yet this is justified by apparently “keeping the law” – such things should cause a reaction of DISGUST in the average person, but in WWCoG you just get a vague shrug of the shoulders and remarks like “well what is the church? The church is made of people, so you can’t blame the church” etc etc

As far as the law is concerned, Jesus Christ, the man who christians claim to follow said something like:

Forget about the law of bringing your sacrifice to the alter: go and make right with your brother FIRST:

THEN bring your sacrifice!!!

WWCoG had it in reverse!

The law only makes sense in the context of BROTHERHOOD!

You are right about your assessment of WWCoG; there were a lot of disgusting people to begin with:

the SECULAR is seen by the churches as some evil thing, however what is really going on is that the SECULAR is a THREAT to the churches, once people could read and write the churches were forced to overhaul their practices –

Today, the secular tools show for example that PEOPLE OF FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER – this is also a basic principle of PSYCHOLOGY (the traditional “tool of Satan” – a lot of the modern management research that I have done
advises to GET RID OF THE DEAD-WOOD – ie people who are not serving you must be cut off –

This should also be a natural consequence, tying in with the principle of “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest” –

The churches try to circumvent this natural consequence, by forcing a bunch of sheep together, cutting of all independent thought and turning the members into automatons – after a few years you have a collection of “goodly sheep” –

a flock that has been emasculated and is fully complaint!

I call this DANCING FOR THE CAMERAS – like the politicians, there are too many people who just go along year after year PRETENDING everything is hunky-dory –

Some would also call our society’s behavior SUICIDE BY INSTALLMENTS!

Well, that’s my 2 cents for today

Meanwhile, I have to sort these legal issue out (SIGH!)

After that, I would say my days with WWCoG are just about done



3 Replies to “Feedback From a Reader II. The Spiritual State.”

  1. Flurry’s group is actually amping up the old HWA divorce and remarriage doctrine. Based on the post-exilic books of Ezra and Nehemiah, PCG is breaking up interracial marriages, the majority of them involving stable families as well.


  2. And the sheep will follow him. You can see how Hitler got away with what he did back in the day. The people now, as back then, put their trust in a little side-show freak. The rest were/are afraid to fight back, and choose to take the sweet bread as they board the train to Auschwitz.

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