3 Replies to “January 19th, 1984 UK Co-Worker Letter.”

  1. So let me get this straight: You send your children to camp where they are isolated from you and you don’t see them for two to three weeks.

    And this makes them closer to you, exactly how?

    You can make the time together up at the Feast, where you attend activities and services, eat out and drink while your children do their homework (which keeps them firmly rooted in “this world” while you have gotten away from it for awhile at the Corporate Convention Centers usually provided for Corporations’ retreats, seminars and conventions… right — sensible, logical and not at all chaotic). And you get all those realistic accurate sermons about the gloom and doom of worldwide destruction based on the key to prophecy — British Israelism.

    Got it.

  2. Good thing HWA sent out letters like that or we would never have been able to figure out what we were supposed to do. But I’m a bit wary about what he meant by “close relationship” with children.

    It’s evident he didn’t understand the problem Paul had with the Galatians and what the “other gospel” was referring to in relation to gentiles.

    Perhaps the problem with the Bible “being a like puzzle” was that he had the puzzle box with the picture on it. But the picture didn’t represent what was on the pieces.

  3. Herbert was just so deluded about his SEP. The “good” church kids bought into the brain washing, and were perhaps more gung ho and extreme when they returned to their parents. However, those of us who were resistant to programming also indulged in extra-curricular activities, such as pulling in the then clear channel AM rock radio stations each night on our transistor radios, shaving cream fights, even smoking cigarettes in the woods. We had seminars on how to handle parental problems such as frequent and overly harsh spankings, and shared stories about illicit boozing activities during the holy days.

    We found out later that our activities were relatively tame! Some of the top ministers sons were actually seducing, making out with, and screwing whatever female campers they could get their hands on!


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