3 Replies to “August 23, 1984 UK Co-Worker Letter”

  1. “Brethren and coworkers, this is no wolf-cry!”

    The most ferocious predator in the forest, despised by cattle ranchers and feared by humans and nearly every other animal, has a soft side. Scientists in Austria have found that when wolves howl after being separated from a pack member, they are just showing a little love.

    Researchers at the Wolf Science Center and the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, set out to determine if the howl of a wolf is an involuntary cry caused by stress or a conscious result of separation from a companion that is particularly important, either because of social rank within the pack or genuine affection for a preferred mate.

    Affection — or love, if you’re a romantic — clearly won out.

    “Our results suggest the social relationship can explain more of the variation we see in howling behavior than the emotional state of the wolf,” Friederike Range, lead author of a study published in the journal Current Biology, said in releasing the report.

    In other words, the wolves howled the most when they had a special relationship with the missing member of the pack. The level of anxiety caused by the separation, as determined by measurements of the stress hormone cortisol in the wolves’ saliva, had virtually no effect on the howling. That indicates it was friendship, not anxiety, that caused the ruckus. However, a wolf with high social standing also earned a robust vocalization from the pack.

    So no — it was no wolf-cry. It was Herbert Wolf Armstrong as a predator on the prowl. He died two years later. No nuclear winter. Crops still grew. And that clock at three minutes to midnight is actually a 24 hour clock and it was 3 minutes to noon. No Kingdom of God has come.

    Now about that five million dollars he was talking about. That was exactly the amount that Ramona got from him (us, really) in the divorce settlement. Shucks, that’s ugly. And he had to go and remind us of it. $5 million. Divorce settlement. Oh, and by the way, the word about his 10 years of incest with his youngest daughter came out at the trial. Talk about scum of the earth bottom feeder!

    So the gospel went to the WHOLE world did it? How about Saudi Arabia? No Bibles allowed there. Did Herb go there with the Koran tucked under his pudgy arm to talk to a world leader there or was he not aware that Arabs would be a rich powerful economic force in the world. Let me answer that for you: No.

    He ends by saying he’s in his 93rd year, which really means he was 92 year old. He liked to puff things up a bit.

    Insultingly, he ends this drivel rubbish with “With deep love” which we can assume is self-love. Even more insulting, he signs it “in Jesus’ name” to give credibility for all his lies and false prophecies.

    There is a death sentence for false prophets in the Old Testament Scripture. Whether the punishment was to be rendered as a stoning or burning is not clearly delineated. Obviously, he hasn’t received his reward yet. He should have spent more time preparing for the Lake of Fire, I guess.

    And yet you Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia leaders keep right on with your false prophecies — you know, like Ronald Weinland, David Pack, Robert Thiel, Gerald Flurry. Aren’t you aware that the Scripture condemns you to death? If I were in your shoes, I’d be fasting, praying, repenting and earnestly seeking redemption.

    What’s the matter? Are you atheists? Don’t you believe in God?

  2. Damned well said Douglas!

    I have always thought that they either figured out that the bible ain’t got squat to do with any god, or that they are atheists. Or maybe just plain evil like Herbie.

  3. Billions will be killed, fringe doctrines, we’re doing fine, send money.

    As said in the latest Cosmos, when you think you know everything, you close the door to learning. HWA creates a theology built on his fractured framework of sloppy scholarship and personal agenda, which splinters perpetuate in whole or part. Each of his letters is peppered with his little facturds.

    To pick on one… the “other” gospel: sure, the emphasis eventually did change from the message to the messenger, but that was not the problem in Galatians. Examined in historical context, the “other” gospel had to do with the “Judaisers” – Jews who wouldn’t touch a Gentile with a 10-cubit rod. Following the Hellenistic period, there were lots of rules against Gentiles, and a Gentile would only be accepted in Jewish society by going through ritual conversion and becoming a “born again Jew”. And that was a big issue for “Gentile Christians”. “Salvation is of the Jews” – so get circumcised and become one – that was the other “good news”.

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