Hillary Clinton AntiChrist?!!!!??!

Hillary Clinton AntiChrist?!
Hillary Clinton AntiChrist?!

We know what you’re thinking! We think so too! Dr. Robert Thiel just could not have written this! After all, Bob Thiel is a spirit led Christian Prophet of Jesus with the Spirit of a sound mind and this just isn’t it!

We think we have an explanation. We believe you will find it compelling.

As some of you may know, Google has an impressive language translation feature called, appropriately enough, Google Translate. Now Google has brought us some of the finest technology available to mankind and has advanced civilization to an unprecedented degree.

Unfortunately, language is highly complex reflecting millenia of evolution. Technology is constantly being honed to bring better and better translations to the table. Google has mostly done that, bridging the gaps of communications throughout the world to connect societies. In some cases, however, the message suffers in the translation. We believe that is the case here.

In this multinational corporational world, publishing is often accomplished using various subcontractors in different countries. Let us suppose that Dr. Robert Thiel created his manuscript and submitted it for publication. You can click on the above cover illustration and it will take you to Amazon.com where you can either buy the paperback edition or read the Kindle edition online for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited user. The question is, how did these products come to be? Suppose the manuscript was sent first to India for initial setup. Now while the people in India have 500 million English speakers, it would be much simpler to translate it using Google Translate to the local Indian dialect. Next in processing, suppose the partially transformed manuscript was sent to the Philippines for further processing where it was translated into one of the Philippino dialects. After that, the Russians get it and transform it into Russian via Google Translate. Finally, the Chinese take it and format the final copies into first Chinese, using Google Translate and then to English using Google Translate again.

This is not as far fetched as you might think. In fact, any number of people have been experimenting with Google Translate doing just that to improve the product (we suppose). We can completely remove all your skepticism with an example of a Miley Cyrus Song, “Wrecking Ball” using this method.

In the following example you will be able to extrapolate what has happened to Robert Thiel’s publication and settle in your own mind that nothing you read there was Bob Thiel’s original intention. It’s unfortunate that it appears that he is accusing Hillary Clinton of being the Antichrist and the one responsible for the coming World War III when she becomes President in 2016. Frankly, we can’t be sure what the book was about. Maybe it’s about Hillary Clinton’s efforts to bring world peace when she was Secretary of State. Who knows? Maybe we will never know.

Anyway, after you view the following, you will be convinced that the whole thing was a ghastly mistake:

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  1. I have no intention of voting for “Benghazi” Clinton for president, but I also do not consider her to be the Antichrist. To paraphrase HWA (who might have been the real Antichrist), “If she can’t even control her own husband, what makes you think she could rule over the USA?”


  2. Bob Thiel jumped the gun: If she isn’t elected in 2016, he has a triple whammy against him. This posting is a no-win situation for him.

    Although Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be my first choice as President, I’m not certain that the United States has any better candidates to run against her. Of course, it’s early.

    Then of course, there’s that incident with Harriet Jones, Prime Minister, where Dr. Who took her administration down with six words — the same six words that actually may apply to Hillary Clinton:

    “Doesn’t she look a little tired?”

    In any event, the point is that Bob Thiel is nuts.

    He may also have doomed her Presidency: Armstrongist prophecies universally generally turn out to be duds — it’s almost as if God is cursing their predictions….

  3. “If she can’t even control her own husband…”

    For a misogynist like HWA, such a remark might be a Freudian slip. Back in the 1970s, after GTA’s final removal, there was chatter that if Loma was still alive, it wouldn’t have happened. The background story was that Herb favored Dick, and Loma favored Ted, and always got it her way…

    For Bob, amongst those in the flop of COG prophets, seems to be the most cautious and time-sensitive. Speculations in his books are not the dogmatic pronouncements like those of the pre-1972 WCG era. In recent times, Ron Weinland and Dave Pack have shown how fatal setting dates can be.

    When I noticed Hillary and AntiChrist in the same sentence, I took it to be Bob’s typical use of an enticing question to lead the reader along, even if the answer is not what one may expect. So Bob is keeping an eye on Hillary, and, presumably, he still has an eye on Guttenberg.

  4. James, just play the “Wrecking Ball” video and you’ll feel much better.

    Hoss, does this mean really that Guttenberg and Hillary Clinton are both competing for the title of “Beast”? Can’t there be some compromise where Hillary is the Antichrist and Guttenberg is the Beast? Can’t they be separate? And don’t we need a False Prophet? Who’s that going to be. I think Bob Thiel is creating more mysteries than he’s solving! At least we have until after 2016 before this all begins happening, so we can enjoy life until then (except for those dreary horrible National Political Conventions that ruin the summer — and maybe the coverage of the Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil).

    Anyway, this is disappointing. Bob Thiel is not revealing anything about who the other of the two witnesses will be (besides himself).

    Anyway, I gave Bob Theil an out and maybe his book is just a ghastly mistake misprint… not that it helps that much, but it sure is fun!

  5. Here’s an interesting thought experiment: Are there any Armstrongists that would make a better President than Hillary Clinton?

    It isn’t like we haven’t had experience with their leadership… and, after all, they are supposed to be rulers in the World Tomorrow!

  6. When you vote for a candidate, the candidates themselves are just the tip of the ice berg. Unbeknown to many voters is the fact that they are voting for the candidate’s cadre of advisors, the embedded people in government who will remain in place, the political party itself and its platform, and the party members in Congress, some of whom we would prefer to forget or to see languish in ignominy, but who will receive a higher profile and prominence in working with the new administration. You are also handing the candidate a mandate for nepotism.

    The least amongst the candidates has a much deeper understanding of such things as world affairs and diplomacy, the economy, and the multi-faceted issues of the day than would the best that Armstrongism could produce. I can’t even imagine what we would do with a president who believed in, and was guided by British Israelism in matters of foreign policy. The Neocons were bad enough! Also, imagine the extreme conservative social agenda of an Armstrongite, the complete absence of such lofty paradigms as freedom of speech and separation of church and state, to say nothing of social justice.
    Oh, and what would pass for advisors and cabinet members! Probably we would be bombed mercilessly by our allies, or there would be a nearly immediate assassination if anyone from the ACOGs ever were elected as POTUS.


  7. An eye on Guttenberg and an eye on Hillary… I don’t know who is pegged for which job. Remember when all eyes were on Franz Josef Strauss?

    The False Prophet – there are so many to choose from! And the Two Witnesses? Whoa, only two, please! Only two! No, you can’t be both!

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