Mental Health Awareness Month

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The very last thing Herbert Armstrong wanted for anyone was Mental Health Awareness. He wanted people to be slaves to him and the last thing he wanted was for people to have freedom. His method was to lie to them, confuse them, oppress them, practice deception on them, to steal from them and make a great pretense that what he was doing was sane.

In like manner, the last thing Roderick Meredith, David Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ronald Weinland, Robert Thiel, David Malm, Aaron Dean, Yisrael Hawkins, John and Richard Ritenbaugh, Clyde Kilough, Mark Armstrong, David Hulme, Wade Cox, nck, Dixon Cartwright and others want is for people, particularly people who may follow them, to be sane because it just isn’t profitable for them. They use distortions and excuses to keep people confused and confined to their little ghettos.

In short, the sects of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia Nazis are bad for your mental health. Don’t criticize. Don’t investigate. Don’t ask questions. Don’t oppose them. That’s what they want. In order to do what they want, you have to abandon science, technology, engineering, math, logic and sanity. You must accept British Israelism worst science fiction ever. You need to go into an altered state of magical whimsy to accept their debunked rubbish. Accepting what they say means that you must take leave of your senses.

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President Donald Trump has declared May Mental Health Awareness Month, but it has been around from 1949 since Mental Health America and their affiliates have led observance of May as Mental Health Month by reaching millions of people through the media, local events and screenings. WP Tavern issued a blog entry on May 4th about WP Hugs, a community devoted to educating, discussing and raising awareness of Mental Health. Other organizations and agencies are joining in to help people to achieve sanity. Armstrongism, of course, is not among them for obvious reasons: They want you to adapt to them so they can enslave you.

Mental Health America provides a segment on risky business, warning about the potential of disruption to mental health involving Marijuana use, sex, prescription drug abuse, Internet addiction, compulsive buying and exercise extremes. We have a few of our own to add:

  • Alcohol use for alcoholics
  • lack of sleep
  • being around and associating with people with mental problems
  • excessive continuous anger
  • being subject to oppressive authorities
  • abuse
  • attacks by bullies
  • attacks by narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths
  • being subject to people with borderline personality disorder

The Journal Armstrongism Insanity

Certainly Armstrongism has most of these dangers embedded within them.

What can you do for yourself?

If you are some sect of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia Nazis, you need to leave and take as many people as you can with you. It is dangerous not only for your mental health but for your well being and the well being of your loved ones, particularly the most vulnerable, such as children or seniors. Make this May the end point of your association with the evil and craziness of the ACoGs to achieve better mental health.

Sanity or Crazy? Signpost!
Sanity or Crazy? Signpost!

6 Replies to “Mental Health Awareness Month”

  1. And yet, we have people claiming that they are “qualifying” to be ruled over forever and ever by one or more of the despotic nutcases you’ve listed. They also believe that these people’s prophecies have been validated through their prayers, and that if the rest of us who pray haven’t received the same validation, it simply means that God isn’t answering our prayers.

    All I can say is that if I had listened to the ACOG people with whom God had supposedly shared His visions for me, I would have wasted my entire life, and many people would have been deprived of the skill set that I actually have, and all related services.

    Armstrongism doesn’t just have a bad track record, it veers sharply into negative territory!


  2. Byker Bob, undoubtedly you’ve had some experiences with mentally ill people too. Have you noticed that they can make really daft ideas seem all so logical and persuasive? They can persuade many people to follow their reasoning to take them out of the real world into a weird virtual space.

    One of the most striking examples of this is documented in “When Prophecy Fails: A Social and Psychological Study of a Modern Group That Predicted the Destruction of the World”, a classic work of social psychology by Leon Festinger, Henry Riecken, and Stanley Schachter which studied a small UFO religion in Chicago called the Seekers that believed in an imminent apocalypse and its coping mechanisms after the event did not occur. I have an older edition of the book, this one was published August 9th, 2016, but I believe the study was from the 1950s. Festinger and his associates read a story in their local newspaper headlined “Prophecy from planet Clarion call to city: flee that flood.” The prophecy came from Dorothy Martin (1900–1992), a Chicago housewife. She sucked in more and more people. It got nuttier and nuttier. In the end, the entire thing collapsed.

    Which is what should have happened in 1975 when the big Herbert Armstrong prophecy failed. There were several reasons that this manic depressive boozing alcoholic kept right on: It really helps when people involved in the insanity perceive the trappings of wealth in the leader. Sure, he’s nuts, but I mean, he has all this beautiful property, radio and TV stations, even his own jet with over 100,000 people following him — gold and silver with crystal goblets on his dinner table. How can he be a kook, when he has all that wealth and fine things? Besides, he sounds reasonable… AND he offers PROOF of what he says. Now I’m trapped with my family and faux friends (who will dump me in a second if I’m disfellowshipped for no particularly good reason).

    More irony abounds as the Armstrongist leader actually quotes the Scripture in Deuteronomy about false prophets being put to death, but assuming it applies to everyone else and not to him. The followers miss it to and celebrate that this insane madman is bringing them truth, so they’ll give him a free pass.

    That is why we need to pause here in the month of May to reflect on our own ideas and behaviors and measure them against best practices and reasonable approaches — to examine ourselves critically to determine whether we have had an unnoticed but dangerously high impact brain malfunction.

    There should be some incentive. Quite a lot of the Armstrongists and their ministers are boozing alcoholics and if they continue, they will die… miserably, but not before they do a lot of damage to others. Furthermore, the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) discloses that 90% of all suicides are a result of untreated clinical depression. There is all sorts of pain and misery for those who are mentally ill besides those who are affected in an ever widening circle.

    All the while, they think they are just fine.

    The wages of insanity is death for those who follow the crazies. Mental illness and Armstrongism go together by definition. The fruit is not just negative, it’s destructive and misery producing.

    It all needs to be recognized, treated and rooted out in favor of sanity.

  3. Those who are drawn into armstrongism and then leave abruptly, realizing that the movement is not what they thought. They manage to avoid damaging themselves and their families.

    I have seen this happen several times back in the day.

    The fool will quickly seek out and join some other fringe cult and repeat the process until they feel at “home” or learn the lesson.

    After joining the WCG I began to see the inner workings within the congregation as mental illness. It took perhaps a few months to see it but as any fool not worth his salt, I ignored it and embraced the scripture that said “God’s people are a particle people”.

    It was my excuse at the time and it was the tool I used to suppress the inner logic which I possessed but did not exercise. You see, I was desperate to save myself from the coming apocalypse and this was the easy way out. I could shuck off all my responsibilities such as saving for retirement and I would be taken care of by the collective.

    As I look back on my travels I see that once again I embraced communism, but this time it was the religious variety and not the socialist collective I lived in my youth.

    So yes, we repeat our mistakes until we learn. My endeavor into religion was short lived. A decades in the making, a decade in the cult, and 2 decades in repairing the damage, and recovering my dignity. Now I spend my time striking back at this religious slavery by providing information to those who seek it out.

    With all the information available on the Internet, those who venture towards armstrongism are duly warned. It is not as advertised. It is mental illness packaged as eternal salvation.

    If you seek out salvation, look to your God and never let a man stand between you and that God. You don’t need him unless your weak minded mental cripple.

  4. “It is mental illness packaged as eternal salvation”

    The ACoGs should rise to the challenge: They should be promoting May as a special month for Mental Health Awareness.

    Here’s why: Their hero President Donald Trump has proclaimed it. Since they are non voting Republican dog owners, they should support the administration, right? They should respect their President and his wishes, right? After all, they claim to support conservatism and they are commanded to respect the leaders over them, right?


    They are hypocrites. While we should expect articles in The Good New… oops, sorry! Beyond Tomorrow, The Journal, Tomorrow’s World, Forerunner, The Reel… oops, The Real Truth, International News, Discern, Vision and the rest, it is pretty clear that we won’t because if people began to question their own mental health as members, they may begin to question the mental health of their leaders and we can’t have that.

    It was a Feast Day long ago in Portland, Oregon where one of the ministers who wrote an article in the Good News about mental health was there and I talked with him briefly. It turns out the article he wrote in the Good News recommended to people that they just be happy and their problems would pass (paraphrased). It turns out that he had serious clinical depression. The word was that he wasn’t handling it well. He wasn’t really qualified to write the article and he gave absolutely TERRIBLE advice. Those who have mental health problems need the help of professionals (of the which, he was not) and in most cases, without proper treatment the afflicted could die. This was the case of an amateur playing with fire at the risk of other people as well as himself, being that he was in denial.

    So besides creating mental health problems as a risk and danger to others, the Armstrongist leaders and ministers are incompetents unwilling and unable to seek out professional help.

    They are truly useless.

  5. The type of mental illness which I witnessed most frequently within the WCG was obsessive-compulsive disorder. It led to a general lack of humanity (empathy), and it put peoples’ lives way out of balance, making it impossible for them to relate to anyone else who did not happen to be obsessive-compulsive. OCD people were referred to within church circles as being Philadelphian, and non-OCD as Laodicean.

    Later, outside of WCG circles, I had numerous friends who were borderline psychopaths. They would do as they pleased regardless of the law, the consequences or harm for others, or the consequences to themselves. They were consequently always in trouble, and frequently unemployed, but they were fun to be around. As their friend, it was a full time job for me, keeping them out of trouble. Eventually, it exhausted me, and I had to give up a number of friendships. You find that a high percentage of outlaw motorcyclists fall into this category, and I partied with members of one of the major outlaw clubs as an outgrowth of a friendship with a biker I worked with.

    In business, I’ve known a number of executives who manipulated their businesses to fund their various addictions. I watched as some of their sincere and dedicated employees became their codependents. In several cases, major businesses went down because the principals were heavily into nose candy. It was shocking, because these businesses were vibrant, kingpins of the industry, and nobody had a clue until the day they closed their doors. Then, everyone suddenly recalled that when you were having conversation with the owner or CEO, he always sounded as if he’d had about a dozen cups of strong coffee. Or insider anecdotes about seeing flakes literally falling from his nose.

    And, those are just the types that stood out because there was a high annoyance factor. The deeper you get into this, the more you become aware of the layers of more subtle types.



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