1. This same sort of cloak and dagger treatment of members amongst the so-called churches of God has existed for decades. It’s another example of a leopard not being able to change its spots, even after decades. The Armstrongite ministry cannot deal on an intellectual level with challenges to its authority, so basically lapses into KGB or SS mode, rather than allow for fair and democratic processes under which it would lose, such as the right to confront one’s accusers, due process, and trial by a jury of one’s peers. You cannot have those processes and still maintain absolute authority.

    Sadly, when one enters an ACOG, one can forget all of the long traditions of social justice which have been accepted and practiced by major civilized nations in the free world. It’s what happens when one voluntarily allows an extra layer of government to be imposed over oneself of which other citizens are not even conscious or aware.

    This latest tragic tale may seem to be just one more story for those of us who have been watching for many years. But, it is an important one, and it is neccessary to properly document them all. All of our lives deeply matter!


  2. Yea, I was in total shock because I know I had done nothing to warrant a suspension from services, lol. When I get to thinking about it, all the years I spent at UCG, LCG I noticed that the ministers were not approachable easily. They did not want to discuss differences of opinion unless it was theirs and their opinion is the only one that mattered, lol. I spent 24 years in the churches, I’m glad my eyes have been opened , but it took 24 years.

  3. Need legal help?
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    interclaim.com was looked into some years ago by others. Was not promising I believe.

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