Christian Educational Ministries. Comment by Wes White

Over at BANNED BY HWA we learned that Larry Watkins is back at CEM (Christian Educational Ministries). I asked Wesley White to comment on this turn of events.

Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate the opportunity to comment. And i appreciate the work that your blog site does.

I personally have no animosity toward Larry. And i have no comment about the things that went on between him and Allie after Ron’s accident.

The basic fact remains that Ron created some wonderful works and the directive from Allie to Gary and Cathy and me was to use assets from her estate to promote those works after her death. For that reason, we at RLDEA can and will work with whatever leadership CEM comes up with to fulfill that mission. And we will do it in a spirit of brotherly love.

It is my hope that those who had differences with Allie will put those grievances behind them and will move forward in preaching the Gospel and feeding the flock.
-Wesley White

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  1. This is precisely the kind of Christ-like,charitable, forward-thinking and good -natured comment I expected from Wes White. After all,someone has to be the change in this environment of bitterness and animosity that have inundated the COGs. Thanks,Wes. Ian Boyne

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