A Personal Concept of God

When early civilizations developed, deities were used to explain the mysteries of the physical world, such as having a god for thunder, rain, death and creation. Changes in secular circumstances, religious power and cultural diffusion changed how early peoples saw God. As people’s concept of God changed, old ideas were either incorporated into new religions or dropped completely.

As each of us is uniquely human, it makes sense that due to our diverse backgrounds, nature, nurture, life’s experiences, we will have unique perceptions. That is to say we will not be able to relate on the same level at the same time, in the exact way, as we would like. All we can do is the best we can to communicate and understand each other. Accepting that as a given, makes it easier not to have unrealistic expectations of each other. Now, as far as my personal concept of God, my logic tells me that there needs to be a source of all life, as we know it. I cannot understand how something can come from nothing.

Since we relate to others as humans, I think it is likely that early mankind created God in his own form: human. Before that, I imagine that somehow animals were linked to having god-like powers, which put men in fear or awe. Since I believe that we humans are of the animal kind, we use two ways of thinking. One is instinctual, even magical, and the second, logical reasoning. Unfortunately, before we are old enough to think and choose for ourselves, we are subject to the most powerful influences of those who rule over us; from our parents, teachers, and significant others, who place their ideas in our minds in order to control us, or have order among the group. I personally believe that we, humanly and biologically, have the need to look for someone or thing, more powerful than we are to protect and help us. It is a mode of natural survival. for the individual and the group.

Generally we might say that contemporary humans live less in fear of deities because the need for God has diminished. We know more about the world we live in. We have less to fear and science explains the unknown.

Now, as far as the God of the Christian bible, I believe it represents a god of blood, power over, (not equality), vengeance, superstition, myth, and traditions of men. That is exactly how the organized religions of the world use it. It divides in order to conquer, uses the group to serve the needs of the leaders, binding souls to lies and promising an illusion. As we humanly grow in maturity and learn that life works best for all when we see each other as worthwhile, precious, valuable, to both serve and be served, then we will understand what God truly is…LOVE, invisible power to enhance all life, to sustain our world and make it a better place to live and thrive. The stronger among us need to meet the needs of others equal to their own needs. Those who have more abilities need to use them to help others, not to have power over them. That is how to behave, as I believe a God of love would do; the only kind of God I look to for whatever I seek.

I have come to see how important HOPE is to our culture. Animals survive by inbred instinct. They have no concept of death. When humans evolved to become SELF-AWARE, they discovered death. With that came the awareness of both individuality, and emotional attachment. This brought about the fear of separation, and later, the loss, or death of those we were attached to. To solve this conflict, I believe the emotional part of the mind developed the need for hope. Hope to resolve this problem of death and loss. When you take away a man’s hope for a future, he looses his desire to live. Since we have no knowledge of what lies beyond this life, as we know it, we use our imagination, and unexplained experiences to give ourselves a somewhat rational reason to hope in the future. This offers us the belief that perhaps we will see loved ones again, and live in a better world.

The world’s social problems are complex. They won’t be solved until the majority of those who rule, in positions of power, have developed a spiritual awareness to value the equality of all humanity.

In my opinion, just as a child grows through stages of development, on three levels, so does humankind. We develop emotionally, mentally and spiritually, very slowly. When a majority, or we, as a whole, can function without abuse, to support each other in a kind caring way, we will have broken the cycle that infects our society now with its dysfunction. With education, leaders motivated by kindness and a desire to serve the others in a community will then set the example we need for the many to follow.

-Article by Joanne

I believe the moment of my conception was the precise instant the energy of my being was created. I believe that I am an extension of the universe and everything in it, and that I occupy a physical body which I will shed when I die; but my energy, which cannot be destroyed, will exist for all eternity. As I am part of the great energy of the universe, my having lived will remain imprinted on that energy forever.
-Dr. Robert Harris

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  1. “I have come to see how important HOPE is to our culture.”

    Hope is Eternal. I believe evil is simply suffering and the causing of more. Good is not only the absence of suffering, but also the removal of suffering. Eric Johnson can explain it much better than I can.


    Ever think of this majesty
    How it seems to work out?
    It’s amazing, this interplay
    And every morning, the secret comes out

    Like people meeting from distant lands
    Future life on the winds
    Just the right amount of gravity
    So we can all wonder where it began

    The blessing, we take it, we claim it, and make it our own
    We use it, diffuse it, abuse it until we’re alone, and in disguise
    We will build and protect all those churches so high
    Destroying the temple beside

    That is not what It wants from us
    In fact, nothing at all
    Just to see what’s in front of us
    And give thanks to the blessing and wonder of it all

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