Today, June 6th is “D” Day

This is a pivotal moment in World War II when U.S., British, and allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy on their way to Berlin, and the eventual end of what is called “history’s greatest world war.”

“The United States after World War II has remained a militarized state, a mobilized society, a permanent war economy–and this is the main moral legacy of World War II”
-Ted Grimsrud
“The Good War That Wasn’t-and Why It Matters”

”Military spending, as Eisenhower warned, generates wars. Myths about World War II generate military spending. World War II has been propping up military spending through decades of wars openly acknowledged as disasters. This book exposes World War II as a crisis that need not have been created and could have been handled otherwise. That understanding should save the U.S. about $1 trillion a year and a great many people their lives.”
-David Swanson
“War Is a Lie”

“War is a Racket”
-Major General Smedley Butler
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