True Humility – NOT!

In a bible study at headquarters in 1980 , which I have on sound tape , Herbert Armstrong came out with the following expression of love and Christian humility :


“……Now , I have whole shelves over there of Bible commentaries , and a Bible Dictionary….but they don’t help me much . Now they were written by very learned , scholarly men ” ….( begins shouting and pounding his fist on the Bible ).. ” But they DID NOT have God’s Holy Spirit , and they DID NOT comprehend what’s in this book !!! They just DIDN’T !!! God has given me more knowledge than ALL OF THEM PUT TOGETHER !!! Their Bible knowledge is VIRTUALLY USELESS !!! “…………

Armstrong continued on to the causes of the Flood :

“…….Now I’m bringing out in my new book , something that has been hidden for centuries , something that NO ONE has ever gotten before…how the lineage of one man , Noah , remained racially pure through his generations . God destroyed Man by the Flood because of INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE !!! Adam and Eve WERE CREATED WHITE !!! Now interracial marriage…supposing that you are a stock breeder , entering your prize animals in a State Fair or Stock Show….you will only enter PUREBLOOD or PEDIGREE livestock , not any with a mixture of breeds ! But interracial marriage is doing JUST THAT !!! “……

Sounds as bad as Heinrich Himmler and his quack SS breeding theories , doesn’t it ! ? . Then HWA moved on to the favorite WCG topic , the Tribulation :

“……Our work should have been finished in 1972 , but God held back time because you people were NOT spiritually ready . If God holds up time anymore , which I tell you he will NOT do this time , THINGS WILL MOVE FAST !!! , and Russia will frighten the nations of Europe into a ten-nation combine that will DESTROY THIS NATION !!! We’re just THAT CLOSE !!! “……..

Article by Grizzly 2003

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