Saving Armstrongism on a Institutional Level

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
― Sun-Tzu, A Arte da Guerra

In the article Keys of Power, we learned how a organization is structured, and that the organization always acts in its own best interest. It must always be profits over people. This is rule #1 always.

Let us now explore the only way that may save armstrongism from obsolescence…


Creating a New Institution Model for Armstrongism

As in any institution, there is a hierarchy, with higher-ranking members (bosses) making decisions that trickle down to the other members of the family. A single church organization is made up of one group of people we will call “family” who even among themselves, have often fought bitter, and painful battles between each other that have led to division, and splits. However, in the interests of profit, those in the family generally find cooperation is the way forward to substantial profits. The problem is, harmonization does not, nor does it seem likely it ever will within armstrongism. It is the leadership of these ever competing groups that is at fault.

Organizational model – The formula for success

Ian Boyne, and others envisioned a day when all of armstrongism would become a legitimate business interest. Hand in hand, these organizations would align, joining together as a singular common enterprise. If this was to ever come to fruition, standard operation concessions would have to be constructed in which all the individual franchise owners would agree too.

Let me start out saying that the individual Armstrong based franchises at the core has, and will be as it always has been about. That being is about—-money! However, a grander scale and maximum profits in the years and decades onward can be realized. Cooperation is not only in the interest of all party’s, it is key to a lasting, profitable enterprise that can survive for decades.
Have no doubt, this is the road to success.

The key to unity is found in creating a Cupola, or a Commission. Level ground is attained in order to end the constant warfare and competition with one another.

Here is how: To implement this, all the armstrong based franchises would meet together to appoint a representative for all the groups within the western zone of the United States.  This will be called the western sector. The middle of the nation and the east coast would repeat the process. Three sectors, three representatives, or senators are now appointed as the Commission. 
The same process would be followed for oversea franchise operations to appoint individuals to the Commission.

-Franchise definition

In this article the various church franchises are known as armstrongism. Named after its founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.

Armstrongism is made up of many franchises. Each individual franchise is a outcrop of armstrongism or a separate entity. For example, the LCG is a separate church franchise from the PCG franchise or the RCG franchise.

The head of the Commission will be known as capo dei capi  or godfather. The capo dei capi is the most powerful over all, and will be voted into the position after the Commission has been formed.

The capo dei capi , or godfather, will be a man of higher intellect and education than all others.
He shall have absolute control, and the appointment is for life.

*The Commission board will act as senators (representatives) for their sector, bringing their business concerns to the attention of the Godfather.
Commission membership elections will be held every five years.
**Franchise owners that refuse to join the Commission can/will be eliminated through various means.

You don’t need to figure out new ways on how to punish the membership. What worked in the past will always work in the future. For fear is a powerful and mighty tool to behold

Sector Structure under the Commission

In each sector there shall be appointed ‘bosses‘ and ‘underbosses‘ who’s job is to resolve disputes, enforce rules or policy, and keep everyone below them in line. Beneath the underboss, are capotasto, or capos for short.   A capo ia is the leader of the family franchise within the sector.
This is or can be the original franchise owner. He has specific duties in which to operate under.

The “dirty work” is done by the soldiers. The number of soldiers or ministers that belong to any given capo can vary tremendously. The soldier is the not the lowest rank among made men. Think deacon. The deacon is part of the family also, but they hold little power and make relatively little money if any at all. Think of the deacon as those who might be a counselor in a SEP youth camp. After the soldiers, the family may also use associates for whatever purpose. Associates or members are simply someone who functions under the soldiers.

Function/Rules of the Commission

  1. The Commission is the governing body and who’s purpose is to create value and ensure profitability for the foreseeable future.
  2. The Commission will make all decisions on any or all schemes before approval.
    A stain on one is a stain on all.
  3. The Commissions shall promote unity, and negotiate disputes.
  4. The Commission essentially replaces management in all armstrong based franchises.

Franchise rule #1. Loyalty to the Commission

It takes more than just an oath and a drop of blood to retain your very own religious franchise or family. To be in this business it takes a undying pledge to follow after everything the Commission orders. Your pledge to recognize the authority of the Commission is to understand that you can be removed anytime, and for any reason.

Franchise rule #2. Handling of Money

Money cannot be appropriated without permission of the Commission. The Commission is a top on down government that decides policy. All monies go to the Commission for apportioning.

Franchise rule #3. Behavior towards Subservients

Members (associates) must be treated with respect at all times and under all circumstances. Petitions for disciplining or disfellowshipping a member must be reviewed by the Commission before a hearing will be held.

Franchise rule #4. Moral Behavior

Never look at the wives of others. Never associate with those who behave badly, and do not hold to unacceptable moral values. 

Business Model for the Commission
A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.

Armstrongism has traditionally used the bait and hook business model, where you offer a basic product at no cost, but make up these costs by offering unsuspecting marks the key to something desired like eternal life, all at a monetary cost over the course of their lifetime. This shall be the rationality for the corporate church existence.

Armstrongism has always had doctrines concerning how the membership should live. It is the one best way to control the mind of the believer. The Commission shall decide doctrine at all times, and without exception.

Some doctrine will be given the highest priority.
Tithing is #1 on the list.

Dietary concerns, sexual choices, and financial interests are just the tip of this model. The associates must always embrace these doctrines if they are to retain long term value to the Commission. The initial cost to recruit one associate is indubitable high, and has grown exponentially over the years. The expenditures of retaining your associates should be at zero cost always.

The Commission will dictate policy on everything.

One of the biggest costs for franchise owners has been the marketing of armstrongism. The second biggest cost is empire building. This is where church building’s are constructed on individual campuses. At the formation and implementation of the Commission, all church campuses along with the building’s become the property of the Commission and can be used by each and any franchise. There will be no more building of campuses going forward.

Traditionally, armstrongism franchise owners used fear to recruit people. Telecasts of nuclear explosions, and death were most effective for many decades. Then the world changed.

The wall between the two Germany’s fell, and it seemed that peace was breaking out all over the world. This would prove to be costly to the mother church at that time, the Worldwide Church of God was losing ground fast after the death of its founder, and the Tkach regime was shaking the foundation of the church to bits and pieces. Organizational atrophy emanated as the stench of death.

Armstrongism has had several branches of marketing that are now obsolete:

  1. Building studios and buying time for expensive radio/television info-commercials that have a very limited appeal.
  2. Marketing by publishing books and booklets which has been a dreadful and wasteful expenditure.
  3. Promoting the church through archaeology digs or the giving of costly gifts.

In this day and age, all of these methods are now unacceptable ways to raise monies.

The Old Way is the New Way
The protection racket:

Social media is just the place to reach out and intimidate a gullible humanity unto submission. Its cheap and effective, not to mention, plentiful marks abound. The factor of fear will be your tool to financial success.

Consider that the fear of God is the same as the fear of men, in that fear can weave a web of ambiguity around issues.  The fear of man can immobilize and gag a troublemaker into silence. This tool is invaluable. Learn to take advantage of it. After all, the emotion of fear is hard-wired into all creatures. 

In the post-Christian era, this  present-day world has an extremely limited audience.  The fear of the cold war has passed, but with that arises new opportunities. There are many new threats in the world that can be exploited for profit. The biggest fear among American’s (who will be your wealthiest marks) is terrorism says Barry Glassner, president of Lewis & Clark college and author of The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things.

Men learn to fear fear because they associate such emotions with a dangerous lack of control over the self and world. Exploit it.
More on this when the Commission is established.


You don’t need to figure out new ways on how to control or punish the membership. What worked in the past will always work in the future. For fear is a powerful and mighty tool to behold.

You know this when you threaten to disfellowship someone, and do so in front of the church. To the member, the very thought of having their family divided is a effective management device.
More on this when the Commission is established.


If the ACOG’s are to survive this decade and prosper into the next, they must adapt, improvised and overcome their obstacles. There will always be a category of people who you can exploit when times get complicated. To accomplish your aspirations will at times requires you get your hands dirty.
Ready to get started Vito?

*For all intents and purposes, the Commission IS a senate.

**Can take several forms. Sanctions, harassment, or blackmail are but a few methods that would be approved by the Commission. Bosses and underbosses are the enforcers.

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