A Crisis In Science. Something is not right….

On the 29th of May Willem Engel (means Angel) held a long interview with the online media platform Weltschmerz. Within just a few hours the video went viral. In this short SUBTITLED version of that 1,5 long conversation Willem tells and shows the Dutch audience a simple model that explains why * The lockdown is a disgrace * Why many scientist and medical experts do not dare to speak out * Why the models used by the governments are wrong * Why the PCR testing should not be used And much more

2 Replies to “A Crisis In Science. Something is not right….”

  1. Quotes from video:
    And many people cry: You are a murderer because your against the lockdown! It’s exactly the other way around. YOU are the killers because you don’t consider the consequences of the lockdown.

    Exactly. For that, you have to see the big picture. What has happened is the result of tunnel vision. This cannot go wrong. But everything around it does go wrong.
    Timestamp:16:41 in the video

    Collateral damage because of this lockdown is huge. The people are basically under house arrest and when they can’t take any there is a behavioral response. Riots.
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