Military Eugenics

Over the years I have harped on why you would not want one entity, like a world government, in charge of the entire world. You have nowhere to flee if at some point your group become targeted for elimination.

Hitler did it to his people. The slow and retarded were systematically eliminated. America has done the same to its own people. The State used warfare to eliminate what they considered “morons and misfits.” They put the low IQ men on the front lines in Vietnam, sometimes without ammunition in their weapons. (Another way of practicing eugenics besides abortion.)

As history shows, there has always been men on this earth that function at the basic level of a caveman, who are unable to understand empathy, respect, or love for their fellow man. They think highly of themselves and always know what’s ‘best’ for we the people.

Let’s take a look at the war monger, another type of psychopath. …


Robert McNamara. United States Secretary of Defense

During the Vietnam War, Robert McNamara began a program called Project 100,000. The program brought over 300,000 men to Vietnam who failed to meet minimum criteria for military service, both physically and mentally.
Project 100,000 recruits were killed in disproportionate numbers and fared worse after their military service than their civilian peers, making the program one of the biggest—and possibly cruelest—mistakes of the Vietnam War.

McNamara’s Morons and misfits – The Low Intelligence Soldiers Used as Guinea Pigs in the Vietnam War

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  1. A review of Robert McNamara’s In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam published in the Washington Post quoted Herb DeBose, a first lieutenant who served in the Vietnam War. He summed up Project 100,000:

    I saw [Robert McNamara] when he resigned from the World Bank, crying about the poor children of the world. But if he did not cry at all for any of those men he took in under Project 100,000 then he really doesn’t know what crying is all about. Many under me weren’t even on a fifth-grade level… I found out they could not read… no skills before, no skills after. The army was supposed to teach them a trade in something—only they didn’t.

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