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  1. That video is a good introduction for people who are unacquainted. I remember reading F.A. Hayek stating that the next fascists would be the anti-fascists. I believe it was in “Road To Serfdom”, written in the 1940’s. Now, conservative voices seem to be implying that ANTIFA and “key members” of BLM are like the paramilitary wing of the Democratic party. They can look at it that way, but I think it goes much deeper than that. Do you remember when Trump announced a troop pullout for the second time in Syria? The MSM and many US politicians freaked out and claimed Trump was abandoning the Kurds(YPG) to Assad or Turkey. Israel openly considered direct support for the Kurds. Probably not only because they were getting alot of their oil from the Kurds in Syria and were afraid of a cutoff by Assad and among other reasons left unsaid. See, I consider ANTIFA to be another gladio type operation run by NATO and other sympathetic intelligence agencies around the world including a Cabal of oligarchs. NATO and the CIA have used gladio operations in Europe since the end of WW2. This eventually expanded into Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc. The fact that it has come home to America could be called karma but the American people never voted for this clandestine war of globalist imperialism. Corbett and Sibel Edmonds did a series about gladio several years ago before they had a falling out with each other. It’s worth checking out. Having said all that, I consider this is an extensive and complex subject and I only recommend it to people willing to dig deeper.

    Editors note: Here is the video on “gladio.”

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