Bob Thiel: Charges Against Herbert W. Armstrong – DISPROVED!

Well it seems that tired Bob is at it again trying to refute the accusations against Herbert W. Armstrong…


This time Bob uses a article by the PCG in the July-August Royal Vision magazine. The article blames “wicked spirits”, “tools of Satan”, and “Satan himself”. Not Herbert himself.

Bob goes on to how he personally investigated the charges and comes to the conclusion in his article that the incest allegations are untrue. This is akin to having the church investigate pedophile within its ranks. We know how that ALWAYS turns out. Its the same with other religious groups. They can never find fault within their own organizations less people lose faith in it and take their money with them as they exit the door.

Bob even provides a link to a article we refuted some years ago,
Herbert W. Armstrong Did NOT Commit Incest !”

One of our guests provided on this blog a impartial review as to whether HWA could have committed such a horrible crime. He gave it a fair shake, more that Thiel did or the PCG.

One thing they cannot refute is the newspaper article that shows that the incest issue was bought up in Herbie’s divorce from Ramona Martin.


In a article “Apostolic Incest” we wrote ”

Since the 1990′s the Painful Truth has had newspaper clippings onlinethat mention Herbert Armstrong and incest in the same sentence. During the course of his divorce HWA’s lawyers tried to eliminate evidence of a “sexual nature” but Ramona’s attorneys said it was crucial since HWA was accusing her of a breach of love and fidelity.

So if there is no evidence of incest as Bob Thiel states, why during the divorce proceedings was it mentioned that the Armstrong’s reached an “understanding” about HWA’s “prior incestuous conduct with his daughter for many years?”

The bottom line is that Herbert W. Armstrong is the ACOG’s cash cow. If they ever acknowledged that their hero was a child molester they are afraid that their little thiefdom would collapse. The truth is far sinister. The Herbal followers would defend Armstrong to the bitter end. They either cannot admit that they were wrong or they approve of incestuous conduct by their idol Herbert W. Armstrong.


From Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible, (1831).
Ezekiel 22:10 ~“In thee have they discovered – They are guilty of the most abominable incest and unnatural lust.”

Incestuous Herbie!

Quote ~“On thee have they humbled – In their unholy and unnatural connexions, they have not abstained from those set apart because of their infirmities. The catalogue of crimes that follow is too plainto require comment.”

More on incest HERE.

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