2021: Lies

Let’s all stop lying

What’s ahead for 2021? Lying. More lying. The most outrageous lying ever. Non-stop lying.

It’s not like we aren’t expecting it. It’s not like we’ve heard (and seen) lying from all quarters: Establishment media, Establishment government, Establishment medicine, Establishment academia, Establishment Justice Department, Establishment FBI, Establishment politicians, Establishment candidate, Establishment social media. It’s everywhere.

And what is the result? Take a quick look at this video from Fox News with Tucker Carlson on November 9th, 2020:

Note what he says at the end: “Enforced lying is making us paranoid and crazy.” Yet, the establishment has chosen to persist in not just lying, but concealing the truth, twisting meanings and situations. Sometimes the lies are not defined so much as outright lying, but in judicious refusal to reveal vital truth that would change everything.

It’s not like we haven’t seen this sort of thing before.

Herbert Armstrong as the embodiment of the Establishment was a man who committed incest with his daughter the first decade of his ministry. He plied his relationships with world leaders for his enrichment. He lied. He covered up. His son, Garner Ted Armstrong, was a womanizing, gambling, boozing alcoholic who managed to date rape 200+ Ambassador Coeds (by his own admission), including many who became minister’s wives.

While the analogy isn’t perfect and certainly at a different scale than the Armstrongs and the Worldwide Church of God, Joe Biden, President Elect of the United States, is well known for sniffing little girl’s hair and has allegations from women claiming sexual assault. Apparently, he has shady deals with world leaders for his enrichment. His son, Hunter Biden has used his father’s office as Vice President at the time to make himself millions of dollars from deals with leaders of the Ukraine and China, if we are to believe The New York Post.

That’s just it, though… believe The New York Post? The newspaper was maligned by social media and the establishment media for revealing what was on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, showing definitively that all the things President Trump was impeached for, were absolutely correct. Of course, neither the FBI, the Justice Department nor Attorney General William Barr saw fit to reveal any of this, so the impeachment went on built on the distortions of such people as Nancy Pelosi (who lied), Adam Schiff (who lies constantly) — the head of the House Intelligence Committee in Congress and Jerry Nadler who manages to take naps in Congressional Judiciary hearings as chairman. They all knew. They all lied. The media covered it up. It’s been one lie after another. Hunter Biden is certainly in the running with GTA for the sleaze factor, given his propensity for cocaine and teenage hookers. Hunter probably has the edge having a child out of wedlock while he was dating his brother’s widow. It’s not clear that the Armstrong family had access to the same playground as the true globalist elites.

Tim Pool, video journalist, claims that if Democrat voters knew how corrupt Joe Biden was with the Ukrainian and China deals, 6 million of them would not have voted for him, but the Establishment was determined to oust the current President in favor of someone with more, let’s say, globalist aspirations, ready to sign over the United States to China. Hiding the truth was as effective as direct lying.

Then there’s the pandemic. It’s an opportunity for “The Great Reset” where all of society is globally destroyed and then we will all “Build Back Better”. 2020 was the opportunity for world domination of communism by the globalist elite. Any year before this, everyone would descend upon those who would say this claiming conspiracy theories. As it is today, instead, they will simply yell, “Racist!”, shut you up and that will be the end of it. It does look like all freedom, particularly the freedom of speech is not a thing that the Establishment will allow. You may, if you obey and are compliant, get subsistence living and simple slavery.

If you members of the Churches of God find this difficult to swallow, let’s ask the question: How was your Feast of Tabernacles in 2020? Did you attend services? Were you locked down? Could you travel? How did it work for you? Seeing as how, travelling from the United States to Canada is proscribed. If you choose to drive to Alaska, for example, you must take the most direct route and not dally. One American was fined $750,000 and is spending 6 months in jail for stopping to look around and shop on his way. People attending the Feast from the United States at a site in Canada would be illegal as a violation of Draconian rules enacted by unelected officious officials, some of whom have taken Christmas vacations on sunny warm island nations — setting a rather poor example of compliance:

2021: Lies is what we have to look forward to, along with the attendant chaos and decline in accessibility of goods and services. Not generating wealth by not working / producing will do that.

But lies intrude into your life in unexpected ways. Beginning early in 2020, massive protests began… based on a lie that a white policeman caused the death of a black man. The truth is that the convicted felon who was a porn star was trying to buy cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill as he had a Fentanyl overdose. He would have died without police intervention, but no matter, the protests, looting, assault, arson, destruction of businesses and even murder propelled by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, accompanied by illegal occupation of property as ‘autonomous zones’ were set up — followed by a campaign of defunding the police, which prompted this gem:

No doubt we can look forward to “In Defense of Arson”, “In Defense of Destroying Businesses of Minorities” and our personal favorite, “In Defense of Murder”. As is the case with “In Defense of Looting”, it’s likely they will all be available on Amazon.com… maybe….

What you can do

Most of you know that lying changes the brain. Specifically, deliberate lying kills brain cells as a part of making progressively easier to lie… and lie… and lie. After awhile, you may end up like Adam Schiff who doesn’t seem to know truth from lies. It’s worse than that though, it’s stressful:

Lifehack: When You Lie, Your Brain Is Actually Suffering

Stressful. Yes, stressful. It’s science. It’s biology.

Most of you have heard of Folie à deux (‘madness for two’), also known as shared psychosis or shared delusional disorder (SDD), is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief, and sometimes hallucinations, are transmitted from one individual to another. Many have caught this ‘mental disorder’ from Herbert Armstrong — with his lies. As long as you were under his influence, you were in an echo chamber of daft narratives — daft narratives such as:

The ‘cure’ for Folie à deux lies in escaping the influence. As people moved away from Herbert Armstrong and his nutty ideas, they improved. If you stay away from the lies, it is possible to regain a semblance of sanity again. The truth is that if you select the company of losers, you will become a loser. It may be time to revamp your associations. Identify those who have a negative influence on you and eject them from your life. Drop your subscription to The Washington Post for sure, because it’s pure fake news. The New York Times is a mixed bag of mostly fake news and should be considered dangerous to your mental health. Definitely CNN is a no-no if you want to be mentally balanced. MSNBC should be avoided and especially Rachel Maddow — she is inconsistent with mental health. Anyone watching The View is just asking for it.

Don’t assume that people around you are going to be sane. Think back to the time in the Worldwide Church of God where everyone was speaking the same thing. Ha, ha, ha, ha. If you listened carefully, you would realize that ministers often had really strange ideas, like the man who thought that we absolutely had to have literal palm fronds as part of keeping the Feast of Tabernacles. There were many people in Pasadena who thought their pets were demon possessed. You would be surprised at the people who actually believed that the earth is flat. All of this came to light when various splinters appeared and about half the people left — people who may have been sitting next to you in services for decades and you absolutely thought they believed the same thing as you did — and found out that they absolutely did not. The same thing is true today among voters in the United States about half of the people absolutely believe things completely opposed by the other half. They can look like they are sane and civilized when they are absolutely not. The first thing you can do for your own sanity and peace of mind is to distance yourself from them — a social distancing of at least 6 miles so you are not infected with the pandemic insanity.

The next thing you absolutely need to do is this:

You need to realize that the Establishment hates you. That includes the Party that represents the Establishment. Some people who have left the Churches of God have a relief and freedom from the chaos. They don’t have to pay the assessments any longer. Don’t pay people who hate you because not only are you facilitating them to give them power, they also gain wider influence to persecute and even prosecute the innocents they hate. Make no mistake, these people are vicious. Deprive them of the tools.

2021 promises to be a banner year… for lies. Avoid them. They will be worse.

Be better than that.

2 Replies to “2021: Lies”

  1. Excellent advice, leaving the acog’s.
    Mental health? You would think that Dave Pack’s little group would have wised up up by now. What did we hear from Pack the last few month’s? Why the coming of Christ 3 times since the beginning of their feast FT day which all failed. Including the New Years prediction.

    Those who stay with him are truly losers.

    1. A lot of people attending the Armstrongist churches of god don’t realize how much the elite actually hate them. The preaching elders and above consider themselves a cut above the rank and file member. They consider the members beneath them. They are special.

      So the advice not to give money to those who hate you applies. Yes, go ahead and leave. Don’t give them money — they hate you — you have no idea how much.

      After you stop giving them money, you will come to see how truly worthless and empty they are.

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