Florida governor tells biden to go….

Dr. Fauci and acting CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, both supported this action and told DeSantis that surging cases in Florida threatened to undermine the federal government’s expansive efforts to mitigate spread across the country. Walensky argued that no state has the authority to resist a federally mandated travel ban.

Biden then added that DeSantis left Florida’s economy open during “the dark days of Covid.” Yet the cases here were less than in New York. Moreover, Biden claimed he had unilateral and constitutional authority to protect the nation’s health from “rogue politicians” acting in contravention of established health guidelines. DeSantis replied: “I will not comply.” He said that Biden was targeting Republican states that supported Donald Trump.

“Florida absolutely will not comply,” DeSantis repeated. “Instituting a travel ban or restriction of movement would be a gross example of federal overreach with no grounding in law or science. We have Covid-19 in check, and you’re trying to exert unlawful authority over our state and its people.”

Biden then tacitly threatened to withhold federal funding and to deny Florida access to Covid-19 vaccinations. DeSantis said: “How much do you stand to earn from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci? And, Joe, if you continue with this course of action, I will authorize the state National Guard to protect the movement of Floridians.” Biden responded: “Address me as Mr. President or President Biden.” DeSantis bluntly said: “I will not, and you can go fuck yourself.” DeSantis then hung up.

I always appreciate someone with a lot of balls who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. This may be the beginning of succession.

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