Restored Church of God Members…

Is your church growing like you believe it ought to be?


Do you ever wonder why growth just isn’t happening in your church?

Churches face many different growth barriers. An ineffective strategy to mobilize members for ministry, unresolved conflict’s, or even your pastor.

If your church never changes, the organization will reach a certain point and never move beyond it. Stagnant growth is no growth. It is atrophy.

The most common barrier to growth is when a pastor believes they must be the one person to shepherd over everyone. In the RCG this is true and the cause for the coming systematic failure of the organization. When that happens you hireling’s can say goodbye to your paycheck because you lacked the balls to put Pack in his place or even remove him from his position.

And you the membership? You will land up disillusioned and a spiritual cripple for the rest of your days. You did it to yourselves. You allowed yourself and your family to have been led over the cliff by a false prophet.

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