While no one was looking, the Great Tribulation has been sneaking up on us

Armstrongists have long been obsessed with the Great Tribulation — a wonderful time for them, whisked away from the realities of a devastated world, safe in a compound of order providing their needs, living in entitlement, while the rest of the world suffers. It seems that the reality is far different.

It keeps advancing on us and this is not an isolated incident:

Would you be surprised that the Worldwide Church of God had homeless hungry people, some of whom lived in the woods and that the Churches of God ignored them because they were ‘inconvenient’, even as the elite of the CoG lived in comfort and, some may say, even splendor? The image was often far from the reality.

Real Change comes from people seeing others as themselves.

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  1. Yes there was the homeless in the wcg. I was one of them for some time. That’t what happens when you turn your brain off and allow others to run you. It was a life changing time that forced me to look at the cult for what it was. A destroyer of man, not a savior.

    Hence, this is the reason I do not follow men or government. I am constantly trying to improve myself and further free thinking not only here on this blog, but in my community.

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