Child Abuse in the Armstrong Churches of God

 Let us painfully confront the fact that the sinful structures of family governance seem to mirror the abnormal patterns and structures of church government within the Worldwide Church of God.

 Religious beliefs or practices may be used to justify or perpetuate child abuse in cases where strict adherence to religious rules or beliefs are seen as more important than the well-being of children. Such behavior goes against the core values of many religions, which place a high value on compassion, empathy, and the protection of vulnerable children. Additionally, religious communities and leaders play an important role in preventing child abuse and promoting the well-being of children, and it is important for them to create systems that allow for the reporting and investigation of abuse allegations.

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  1. The verses of this song are from the Bible. It’s about Lord Jesus Christ living in us. That’s the Enigma of this song.

    (The language in the first verse is Sanskrit which is an ancient Indian language and the second verse is Latin.)

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