Missing Dimension now hosted here on the Painful Truth


Missing Dimension e-zinc has been added to the Painful Truth for posterity. I am having great difficulty trying to repair the graphics as most of the headers have been stripped by the Wayback Machine. If you have any related files on your PC, shoot me off a email.


There has been some concerns that Gavin’s Ambassador Watch site may go away. Well never fear, I have a working copy of it, comments and all. If it becomes necessary I will have it go live.

This coming weekend we have some fun ready to rip at the expense of certain guru’s who we hold in bitter contempt. Make sure you join in the fun. Rated PG.

Gavin Rumney Passes On….

BANNED by HWA reports that Gavin Rumney has passed away.

It has been reported that Gavin had cancer. In his final post at Ambassador Watch he wrote the following:

A Farewell to Arms

This is likely, highly likely, to be the final Ambassador Watch or Otagosh posting. Those who know me as more than a cantankerous blogger also know that I’ve been fighting, without great success, a serious health situation. In the time I have left there are clearly other priorities, and I commend Gary’s blog as a great place to keep “in the loop”.

I guess I want to say that there’s very little I regret. If I’ve horribly offended anyone unjustly, I apologize. There are a lot of good people in the COGs, battling on, as we all do, according to our best insights. The blogs will stay up, for what they’re worth, even if only curiosity value.

Special thanks to everyone who has engaged in creative conversation here.


Gavin, I thank you for all that you have done for so many, myself included.

Well done good and faithful servant!