The End of the European Union

eu-flagForward note: The idea that HWA predicted that the Brits would not stay in the EU is totally untrue. I recall Herbie saying many times that he did not know if they would stay in the union.

Those who support the Armstrong view are saying that he ‘predicted’ that the UK would pull out. They are unwittingly acknowledging that HWA was a false prophet in doing so. Implying that Herbie was a prophet of God and forecasting hwa-2that the UK would leave the EU, they conveniently forget to mention all the failures Armstrong made in his prediction addiction. The list of his false prophetic utterings is huge and can be expanded into the thousands if one was to spend  the time looking into every writing and video he ever participated in.

A little bit about the structure of the EU:

The EU Commission, the EU’s executive body is not directly elected by the peoples of Europe. The Commission has the sole right to propose EU legislation, which, if passed, is then binding on all the EU member states and the citizens of these member states.

The European Union is considered by many to be the modern equivalent of the former Soviet Union. Watch the video below and learn why. Writer, lecturer and political dissident from the former USSR, Vladimir Bukovsky.

“I have lived in your future, and it didn’t work.”

The man who in 1973 took the UK into what was then called the European Economic Community or Common Market was Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath.

In October 2011, Conservative Member of Parliament, Mark Reckless, said during a debate on an EU referendum that Ted Heath had promised the British public that “they would have the veto over any important issues.”

He continued: “Yet those same people are now told that what they were then told was a common market, has become a political union in which we can be outvoted whether we like it or not.”

Below is a video from trends forecaster Gerald Celente who is remarkable in his scientific analyses of the zeitgeist, this era in human history.

The end of the EU is at hand! Yea!