The End of the European Union

eu-flagForward note: The idea that HWA predicted that the Brits would not stay in the EU is totally untrue. I recall Herbie saying many times that he did not know if they would stay in the union.

Those who support the Armstrong view are saying that he ‘predicted’ that the UK would pull out. They are unwittingly acknowledging that HWA was a false prophet in doing so. Implying that Herbie was a prophet of God and forecasting hwa-2that the UK would leave the EU, they conveniently forget to mention all the failures Armstrong made in his prediction addiction. The list of his false prophetic utterings is huge and can be expanded into the thousands if one was to spend  the time looking into every writing and video he ever participated in.

A little bit about the structure of the EU:

The EU Commission, the EU’s executive body is not directly elected by the peoples of Europe. The Commission has the sole right to propose EU legislation, which, if passed, is then binding on all the EU member states and the citizens of these member states.

The European Union is considered by many to be the modern equivalent of the former Soviet Union. Watch the video below and learn why. Writer, lecturer and political dissident from the former USSR, Vladimir Bukovsky.

“I have lived in your future, and it didn’t work.”

The man who in 1973 took the UK into what was then called the European Economic Community or Common Market was Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath.

In October 2011, Conservative Member of Parliament, Mark Reckless, said during a debate on an EU referendum that Ted Heath had promised the British public that “they would have the veto over any important issues.”

He continued: “Yet those same people are now told that what they were then told was a common market, has become a political union in which we can be outvoted whether we like it or not.”

Below is a video from trends forecaster Gerald Celente who is remarkable in his scientific analyses of the zeitgeist, this era in human history.

The end of the EU is at hand! Yea!

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  1. All bets were off until the votes were counted, now it appears everyone should have known that the “sure word of Bible prophecy” said that the UK would leave the EU.
    For COGprophets correctly calling the outcome, it appears hindsight wins again.

  2. In an episode of the old BBC comedy Yes Minister the minister was told Britain’s foreign policy for the last 500 years has been to maintain a dis-united Europe. And (at that time) being in the EU made it so much easier. It looks like leaving will accomplish the same objective.
    Interesting that both Remain and Leave campaigns were based on fear of choosing the other – not unlike our presidential campaigns…

  3. A lot of facts are now coming out, and it appears that there was a great deal of misinformation, or disinformation largely from the “leave” side. One of the oddities is that many of the districts that voted solidly in favor of leaving believed that their financial plight would improve, while the truth is that the EU has been subsidizing those districts, and now their leave vote means that they will be losing all of the euros Brussels has been pouring into their economy. They were lied to in the lead in to the voting. The referendum was a fraud.

    Also, in the aftermath of the referendum, racism has reared its ugly head. The EU treaties involved free movement of all EU citizens amongst the member nations. Apparently there has been great resentment regarding many of the Polish workers who had emigrated to England. Poles are being asked why they are still there, why they are not on a plane home.

    One important fact. The EU and NATO are two separate entities. While Britain is a formidable military power, leaving the EU, if that is what ends up happening, will not remove the Brits from their commitment to NATO, and the defense of Europe.

    Also, this is just one part of the HWA pre-1975 prophecy package. We have early documents in which he stated that Britain would not be amongst the final ten, and yes, later on he said he didn’t know. For his prophecy package to be validated, all components would need to align, not just one or two isolated ones, and it would need to have come together on the timeline which he outlined for him to be right, not having the reunification of Germany in the 1980s, and the Brits seceding in 2016. These may be two components, but look at all that has not happened, and shows no sign of happening in the near future.

    Brexit is in no way the validation of HWA, and it also is not any sort of silver bullet for the ACOGs.


  4. From the Express: The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”.

    Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels.

    And: EU superstate laws strip Britain of its Magna Carta rights, writes JACOB REES-MOGG

    2 articles worth reading.

    Bob, the vote was not a fraud. Its about sovereignty. There are no state rights in the EU. It is a Federal dictatorship. Screw the economics of it. It is worth suffering to be free.

    ‘The EU treaties involved free movement of all EU citizens amongst the member nations. ‘

    And how many fighting age Syrians do you want moving next door to you?

    Do you think that they will assimilate?

    Diversity is fine if the immigrant is willing to assimilate. I grew up in a town full of Mexicans. The vast majority were good American citizens who loved their adopted country. Their families were strong, their contributions to society were respected. There was no mention of race. Until the current days we live in where race is now a political football used against the American people for political purposes. And what might those purposes be? To cement the votes into the democratic party putting them in firm control of the country’s future using the new found foreigners as the vehicle.

    The trend for the future has started. Succession. Nation states will dissolve. This is a result of government not meeting the expectations of the voting public. The establishment has become the new enemy.

    1. Well, I might have considered the points you made, but then I decided to Google “express uk”. I’d recommend that all readers take a look at the Wikipedia article that comes up.

      Citing the Express as an authority on Brexit is just as ludicrous as citing the old Plain Truth as an authority on British Israelism. Hela-biased.


      1. How ironic … Bob Thiel’s latest Brexit article leads with an excerpt from the Express. He also likes to cite old Plain Truth and Good News articles to prove BI.

  5. Reply to Bob:
    Watch this and consider what I’m talking about.

    Interview with UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage.
    “Well, I might have considered the points you made, but then I decided to Google “express uk”.”
    Just like the American press.

  6. Prior to the referendum I watched about six BBC documentaries which covered every aspect from the post-war period, joining the Common Market, to the current issues. This included interviews with all the key players, including those in the disinformation campaigns. The result was in line with the information the BBC presented, the only unknown was which side the anticipated narrow margin would favor.
    Now parliament must consider not only the result, but the millions of those who protested the outcome, including the government of Scotland and the people of Northern Ireland. If parliament decides to put the exit on hold, or reject it altogether, I expect to read a lot of COG spin to counter their collective chorus of “told ya”.

  7. Yes Hoss, this will be a mess. However I did find that liberty minded individuals forsake servitude and move towards freedom. This is what the Brexit is all about.

  8. “Its about sovereignty.”
    Britain applied 3 times to join the EEC, and they even ratified the treaty to change the EEC into the EU! Why leave now? sovereignty?
    The irony is that Brexit says that they should have the power to remove the people that govern them. They live in a “Parliamentary sovereignty”, and they can’t vote it out. Do they even realize that most of the laws in Britain are written by “civil servants”[who are employees of the Crown, not parliament], which are unelected administrators and who can’t be voted out. Sometimes I think that Britains think they live under an American form of democracy. Maybe the US news media and Hollywood are to blame for that, I don’t know.

    Anyway, I believe the vote had more to do with their fear of what has been going on in Europe. Like Cologne and Calais for examples.

    BB said “A lot of facts are now coming out, and it appears that there was a great deal of misinformation, or disinformation largely from the “leave” side.”

    What puzzles me is where are the leaders of the Brexit campaign? Why did they all step down after they had their victory?


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