A Letter to Mother. PT-10

James Orlin Grabbe

Saturday, February 18, 2017.

“Without going into great detail, let me show you how Daniel can be interpreted by Daniel, and the reasons against Roman being included in the prophecies. The “little horn” (Dan. 7:8; 8:9), the “prince that shall come” (9:26), the king who will “magnify himself above every god” (11:36), seems to be clearly indicated in Daniel itself as a tyrant whose doings are the climax of the kingdom of Greece.”





 The Mark of the Beast... "Here is what people have historically done instead: interpreters have simply proceeded to keep the prophecies up-to-date. They have made it to apply to their own day."


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  1. [Note: I’m also replying to the two previous posts.]
    This guy has addressed the same doubts that I have had with armstrongism and more. The part about the fallacy of armstrongists claiming that the bible can identify our modern day nations is not scholarship but nothing more than woo. And when it comes to other armstrongist’s assumptions, they behave like precious little snowflakes whose safe-space has been invaded. Feedback that doesn’t support their beliefs will always be some kind of an attack by satan.

    I had wanted to post a video that supported my metaphor but Harmful Opinion’s channel had his channel censored. He made a scathing AND funny video that dealt with the “respect my pronouns” and LGBTQ bullshit. Now that was not the reason or any other of his other videos were shut down. Because his channel is still up. If you’re interested in this new kind of censorship that YouTube is now using, follow it here.

    Censored Opinions
    “I love it when someone felt the need to make it impossible to say my name!”

  2. “…the entire prophetic framework of the WCG is in chaos.” (page 42)

    And it’s even worse now, as each splinter broke off and ran with its own take on everything. The core collection of doctrines, BI, Church Eras, Place of Safety, etc, are prophecy based. Even the way the gospel is presented is tied up in prophecy.
    When this letter was written, the Systematic Theology Program had not yet been launched. What HWA had apparently approved was an attempt to untangle some of the mess of “here a little” and “jigsaw puzzle” theology HWA had devised. Later, in denial of knowing about STP, he accused GTA, Robert Kuhn and of others, not of ‘cleaning up’ but ‘watering down’. In reality, I feel HWA’s intention was to keep it in chaos, because it worked so well that way.

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