4 Replies to “Dear Virtue Signaling Celebrities”

  1. The next J. K. Rowling book will undoubtedly be Mohammad Potter attending Beirutwarts. He’ll undoubtedly be housed in the Algierspuff Mosque Tower.

    They will have to defeat the magic genie who was once Tom Abad al Alim.

    He won’t be remotely British and neither will his friends.

  2. I’ve been trying to think of a COG-related put up or shut up for their keep’m out rants.
    So far:
    Number of viable alternative solutions proposed: 0
    And specially for those in the southwest:
    Time spent in voluntary border patrol: 0
    Time spent in voluntary construction of border wall: 0

  3. That’s a great channel on YT. Feminists and white woman(which makes up the majority of the 3rd wave feminists, btw) will ‘culturally appropiate’ anybody’s persecution and respin it into how they are the ones who are NOT privilidged and are the victims of some patriarchy. Asurping someone else’s victimhood to get what THEY want, while ignoring the true victims because they are only a means to serve their agenda. The following rant is for infotainment purposes only.
    The Global Elite

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