A Letter to Mother. PT-11

James Orlin Grabbe

“The supplementary strategy used to revitalize the group’s millennial hopes was the projection of unfulfilled portions of prior prophecies into the future through the issuance of redated predictions…”









“You would think the problems would make us hesitate to drag others into our doctrinal chaos and uncertainty. On the contrary, if we can convert more people to the same belief, we prove we were right all along…  ignoring the fact that much of what the WCG says is crap.”

6 Replies to “A Letter to Mother. PT-11”

  1. I suppose it’s obvious to everyone from the context that in the first line of page 46 “fourteenth chapter” should be “fourteen century”.

  2. Aren’t computers wonderful? This manuscript was from the ’70s. You can bet that it was hand typed probably by Orlin himself, or perhaps by his wife!


  3. In this case, you’re saying WYSIWIG is What you see is what I got.
    Do you know who made the notes, underlines and highlights on the pages?

  4. Those notes may have been from Linda Stuhlman from the Exit Support Network. The copies you are reading were made for Jim Baldwin.

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