3 Replies to “A Letter to Mother. PT-12”

  1. If this letter is any indication, Orlin certainly gives his mother a tremendous amount of credit for intelligence. Mrs. Grabbe most likely had a very challenging job as a parent particularly in raising Lester, Orlin, and Crockett.

    Orlin had invited myself and a date to the home of his sister and brother in law on one occasion. His brother-in-law, Ed, was blind, but actually did research using Braille resources! We discussed some of his findings. One incredible family, spawned on a ranch down in Tejas!


  2. On page 53, at the end of paragraph 1, in the middle of a rather serious dissertation, Orlin makes an uncharacteristically insensitive slip into the vernacular. Words that were deemed offensive and anachronistic by the mainstream were still being used in WCG at that point in the ’70s.


  3. If your talking about the word “nigger”, that term was used by Mark Twain for a person who contributes little to nothing towards society. The evolution of the word started with dark skinned people. It was not derogatory at the time. Centuries later the term evolved towards the negative meaning of today.

    See ‘Cultural use’ in wiki.

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