When the legally appointed receiver and investigator came onto the campus and demanded to see the books and records, he and his party were prevented by church staff from doing their job.  And the shredding of those implicating documents started. I was told that Rader and his minions did their best to destroy any evidence of wrongdoing.  Many documents were shredded, but some were taken by the receiver after a big hassle.  The object of seeing these documents was simply to determine if Worldwide Church of God was violating IRS tax-exempt laws with regards to churches and legitimate expenses.  They were.

 A few “evangelists” immediately flew in the G-II to see Herbert W. Armstrong who was enjoying Tucson life with Ramona, his new wife.  Among these were Hoeh, Antion, and Cole.  They explained what was going on to HWA, and Herbert (these guys later reported) had said:  “So what?  Let them see the books.  We’ve got nothing to hide.”  He didn’t seem to care, or as witnessed, was too drunk to care.  So the “evangelists” returned to Pasadena thinking that this problem would now be easily solved.

 Meanwhile, I was told, Ramona got on the Tucson phone to Rader in Pasadena and told him what Herbert W. Armstrong said.  Rader erupted, and apparently yelled that there was PLENTY to hide, and the real shredding began in earnest. 

-John O.
Former WCG minister

November 19, 1979
Herbert W. Armstrong
P. O. Box 431
Tucson, Arizona 85702

Dear Mr. Armstrong,

For the last two years and more, many of us close to the nerve center of the Worldwide Church of God have wondered what on earth has been wrong in your family. So many terribly acrimonious statements have flown back and forth between you and your children, and now even your grandchildren have become involved. According to information I have, you are not on good terms with a single one of your offspring! We hear, over the public air waves, in talk shows and by printed word, of the deep division in your family. This family trouble has hurt many people in the Church who don’t know what is happening.

You have taught, for years, as others have also, the principle of “cause and effect”. We believe in this principle. So did the apostle Paul, when he wrote, “God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”
For every problem, there is a cause.

What is the cause of your family problems? Under normal circumstances one would not ask such a question. But now, you are a public figure, and as such, where the welfare of thousands of people is at stake, your private matters are no longer private. They have become very much public. You have set yourself as a teacher of religion, and have said you alone know the way to peace. Why is there no peace in your own life? Or why is there no peace in your family?

I have wondered about this matter. I knew you had deep personal problems, but could not understand why you were so unhappy. Solace and sleep, such as it was, had to be induced by drinking much wine.

It was not until late last summer, when I began to hear detailed rumors of your earlier family life that I really began to understand why you seem to be under a special curse. If the things I have heard about you are true then I understand why there is no peace within your family. This would also explain why there is no peace within the church family, either. God is certainly not mocked! When this piece fell into place, then the whole picture became clear.

It seems that Satan has captured you, using sex as his snare, as he has so often done in the past. What you demanded of others, you were unable to do yourself. What went wrong Mr. Armstrong? What happened to destroy your faith?


Was it the failure of your prophecies? You didn’t have to go the way of Solomon! Why did you do this to the Church?

Those close around you, knowing of your obsession with sex, will find These rumors hard to disbelieve. They have heard of your visit to Romania in 1976, and of your sudden departure for the very strange reason!

Either you should call an open press conference, where all of the appropriate questions could be asked, and have all of your family present and contributing, or you should resign for the good of the church!

There is no need for the whole of the church to have to experience continued suffering because of the curse on yourself.

Everybody talks about the Lochner tapes and manuscripts, and no real denial is forthcoming. Acting as if they do not exist will not work forever.

Truth has a great power all its own! The reason is, that God, Himself, is on the side of truth! No man can stop that Force!

Allying yourself with the Catholic Church, which you have for so long called the “The Great Whore”, is not the answer. Nor will championing “All churches” in your fight with the sate of California do the job. If you cannot repent
before God, then, for the sake of all, “Resign!” Disfellowship yourself, for the evidence is ample, and your duty clear! Trust Christ to take care of the church.
You have become a millstone too heavy for the church to bear! Your own “Cappaquidock” is in its own way, greater than Ted Kennedy’s! Be a man. Face this matter squarely! Don’t go blaming others for your own terrible sins!

In the Name of Christ,
Whose word is truth,
David Robinson
Tulsa, Oklahoma

P.S. After 30 years of
trusting you, Mr. Armstrong!


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