Pastor General Expenses: VIP Travel, Lodging, Entertainment

This post is for those newbies who have asked for more information on the organization they once supported. This is the Painful Truth about the corruption of the WCG and how they spent your money all those years.

VIP Travel, Lodging, Entertainment

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2 Replies to “Pastor General Expenses: VIP Travel, Lodging, Entertainment”

  1. When i worked in Pasadena in the 70s, it was an open secret that the following practice was used to curry favor with foreign dignitaries.
    The Foundation would send two round-trip, first-class tickets to a member of the Japanese Diet or the Israeli Knesset. On the surface, the purpose was to invite that legislator and his wife to an AICF concert. All well and good. Perfectly legal.
    Of course, it was all done with a wink and a nod because no one really expected this VIP couple to show up. The real purpose of sending these ultra expensive plane tickets was to grease the skids for future relationships. The receiver of the tickets usually cashed in the tickets and kept the cash! Remember that the airlines had different rules on ticket refunds back then.
    With this gift now in the pocket of the Diet or Knesset member, Rader and Gotoh could call in a favor later.
    —Wes White

  2. As usual, it was ALWAYS about the money. These people who accepted something from Armstrong knew there was more ‘gifts’ in the future if they allowed the wcg to make further advances for Herbie’s photo ops. Personal advance you know, while they were in office. Sounds like congress.

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