Winter Family Weekend Christmas Stories

If you attend the Church of God a Worldwide Association Winter Family Weekend , or The Living Church of God’s Charlotte Family weekend, or even the United Church of God Winter Family Weekend, we have a treat for you.

Boys and girls, men or women, those who are attending a Winter Family Weekend:

  • Forget those narrow relationships with those you call brethren.
  • Skip those boring family events and bible studies.
  • Say the hell with those performing art shows and dances.
  • Trash the special music event.
  • Perish the thought of attending those hour long sermons.
  • Ignore the bread and circuses of those sports and social activities that you really don’t give a rats ass about, and…

…grab your laptop, a six pack of beer, a bottle of eggnog and
read the Painful Truth. Its fun for the whole family!

Christmas is PAGAN! So Send Me Your Gift Money!

The choice of apostles

Carol For Another Christmas

The choice of apostles

Merry Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho!

The choice of apostles

The (not so) Painful Truth About Christmas.

The choice of apostles

“Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas”


“The mark of an intelligent mind is to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


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