Waaaaaay back, and looooooong ago, Apostle Herbie and Teddy la Stud used to hold audiences captive with their selective and unique verbal BS. In later years, however, when congregations really “awoke,” our viewpoints and earpoints took a one-eighty. The realization finally hit us what was the “plain truth” behind all this hallucinogenic BS.


Please let me explain. These (later known as) whores were following variations of a basic religious premise, namely SALESMANSHIP.

Now, salesmanship is the principle behind the practical marketing of anything – whether it be “God’s Word” or a decrepit automobile. And these guys (and their nazi cultmaster followers) were – to one degree or other – experts in selling the proverbial snow to Eskimos. In other words, they were selling a pile of BS to those who (at the time) were not educated enough in this area to see through the scam.

So, their target was the religiously ignorant – or semi ignorant. Since this took place over a period (remembering, as time went on, people became wiser) their methodology therefore had to take a twofold approach.

The initial approach was PROPHECY. And that was the beginning. Namely the “scare tactics.” Since everyone can see that this world is a humanitarian and ecological mess, they then preached that THEY (and only THEY) had the answers to both the planet’s stability, and our personal safety and salvation. That was the big “come-on.” Since they invariably told people that they were warning everyone because of their love to all, and because “God” had revealed all this info to THEM and them alone, people started to listen. Since most big-biz corporations and the politicians didn’t give a damn, it appeared that FINALLY here was some church group that really DID care for the common man. So, we all continued to listen, and many joined the growing numbers of devoted members.

The next step – as per the “religious” formula – was to instill FEAR and unquestioning obedience into the followers’ psyches. This was a twofold procedure which the Fartstrong’s followed. There was NO typo just mentioned back there. The method was, again, twofold. Herbie would project from the older, wiser, and “apostolic” standpoint, while Teddy would talk glibly and more personal style of “friendly-like” with the golden throat and oily tongue. Wadda team! And the members both listened and believed the lies. Indeed, to the unknowing followers, they were the “True Representatives” of God Itself. Now maybe many can understand why I always harp on “education” and PROVING ALL THINGS. Many of us (because of ignorance) did NOT, and to our chagrin.

When either of these criminals appeared at a Feast, they were applauded, and given the adulation of a major movie star. People wanted to actually SEE these two who had supposedly brought them “The Plain Truth.” Each of these appearances at a Feast site would parallel a Hitler rally, with hysteria and applause when der Fuhrer/s appeared. But the dark energy that propelled each Fartstrong and Hitler was the same. Again, it was twofold: (1) Ego mania, and (2) The salesmanship to gather personal mammon and unchallenged power.

This brings up the methodology of each of the above factors. First, the Ego mania. Herbie was always boasting that “God” alone had chosen him for the unquestioned leadership in “these end times.” As I heard Motormouth-Outerhouse Waterhouse (referring to Pontiff Herbie) once say: “In these end times, God raised up a man who looked, thought, and behaved much like Himself.” So the saying went through the “ministry,” that “God” was a five foot six, food hog, who drank heavily and enjoyed life, and also a MAN who couldn’t stand any competition.

However, this was palatable considering that Outerhouse was regarded as another of “God’s messengers” for this end time.

Herbie also embellished this by claiming in Tucson 1979, re: Worldweird Cult theology, that: “God revealed all this knowledge to ME. And where did you all get it from?” he yelled. And then he continued. “You got it all from ME.”

In other words – God speaks through Apostle Herbie ONLY. “Get the point, fellas,” as Merrydeath would say. And so it came to pass that the listeners feared. “If we ever doubt the Apostle,” we thot, “then we are doubting God.” So FEAR was installed into the minds of those who were once unafraid, and those who once held their heads high. But no more.

That is: To continually challenge the edicts and thots of the Apostle was tantamount to the “unforgivable sin.” So . . . . . very few ever did. Later, we learned that many of the hirelings and nazi cultmasters were laughing behind the Apostate’s back, but kept their thots to themselves to protect their paychecks and whopping perks. And so, Herbie smiled, continuing to pulpit-thunder about the necessity for LOYALTY.

That brings us to the next approach – the mammon. Once the aspect of FEAR had been established, the way was open for an avalanche of mammon input. So Apostate Herbie preached THREE tithes. And that is total rubbish. All tithing laws are rubbish. What the nazi cultmasters taught as a SEPARATE third tithe in Deuteronomy was simply another use of the old covenant’s second tithe, and done each THIRD year, but it was NOT a separate “Third Tithe.”

And then came the incessant flow of “offerings” for anything and everything. And then came the exorbitant output of ego satisfying “visits” to give lavish donations to foreign dictators, and throw membership paid binge drinking parties for any corrupt local officials. These trips were, according to the accounting department, taken from “third tithe” account. See the AMBASSADOR REPORT for further info on this.

Meanwhile, the propaganda ministry swung into play. Pope Herbie and La Stud were glorified and honored in Worldweird literature as “men of God” fulfilling His Greeeeeeeeaaaaaat end time commission. So then, this makes God some sort of a being who condones a bunch of drunken, irresponsible, party animals . . . . . at the expense of people who could not afford it.

Being blunt about it all. These whores, con-men, and their nazi followers were nothing but “con men,” to the extreme, together with their accompanying whores, that went along with “dark side” and were also hookers for personal ego, lavish overseas trips, and all the excess partying that any human could bear.

These con-men animals are in all “religions,” and if I were interested in becoming involved, then I’d sure take a looooooooooong look at all of the Worldweird Cult’s group of offspring vomit, as well.

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