The Painful Truth is Closing Down…

The Painful Truth has decided to soon leave the Alphabet company behind due to their tactics of oppressing free speech. Let us explain our move away from this tyrannical company. The solution is to move into another platform that does not suppress anyone’s freedom of speech.

Google is one of the most powerful companies on earth. The extent to which it has already intertwined itself with our lives is astonishing. It is there in the background, all the time, humming along, helping us perform our daily tasks, and doing a better job of it every day. All the while watching, watching, and storing what is sees.

A notable feature of totalitarianism, hard and soft, is its enmity towards privacy. Totalitarians want to own you, body and soul, and therefore can brook no private lives in their subjects; private thoughts might incubate radical sentiment, and so potentially pose a mortal threat to the regime. You give them clicks, you are giving them money, and they are using that money against you.

So FUCK YOU google!

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  1. Don’t panic.

    The Painful Truth website is staying where it is.

    This is about the videos that have been on YouTube — they have been moved to BitChute because YouTube has become, shall we say, polarized.

    YouTube has even shadow banned channels for cat videos. I’m sure we’d all like to know how that violated their Terms of Service, but they aren’t interested in answering.

  2. Before Facebook, Twitter, etc, there would be a separate section for discussion or email where you could respond directly to the author or the person in charge.
    Facebook and Twitter simplified things by acting as a buffer and clearinghouse for opinions and insults, and allowed the better thinkers and writers to make more friends and get more coverage.
    Of course the government likes this kind of thing, because its so much easier to control a few large systems than depend on the integrity of hundreds or thousands of small systems doing their own thing. It stands to reason that the heads of these systems didn’t rise to such power because they believe in in freedom and the right to be heard. Such an attitude would not be in the interest of government, who can grant the kind of exemptions and passes that allow these systems to expand.
    Sure, allow freedom at first, draw the suckers in. Let them say what they wish, but monitor. Find out who may really be a challenge to government control and interest, whose agendas may be a real threat to the expansion of government power. Let them have followers. Track the followers. Government smiles benevolently on growth of “free speech”.
    And then one day voices disappear because they violate “community values” or community interests.
    What price would you pay to be heard again, to share again, to interact with friends again?
    It’s not about money. They already control the money. They just want you to control your free speech and be very careful what you say for sake of the “community”.
    Conspiracy? Why would you think that? We just want people to behave as if they care! We’re not trying to control people! We let you talk about conspiracies! We want to hear about your crazy thoughts on 9/11 and UFOs! This makes entertainment!
    You can’t prove any of that stuff! People will think you’re crazy!
    Pretty soon we’re convinced that everyone else on the planet is an idiot, or crazy, or filled with hate, either wanting to kill Muslims or Christians or Jews.
    So we avoid the extremists. “Let’s try to find peaceful ways to get along!”
    Anyone who logically questions the system is simply excommunicated. Anyone who sees and understands the flaws is a conspiracy nut.
    We work harder to belong, to appear “normal”, to be bland, unquestioning humans. Tolerate collective violence as free speech. Try to appear understanding. Jesus will come again! He’ll work it out! Jesus is the answer!
    There is no delete button. You can’t just shut down the program. Due process is what government says it is. Pay the fines, pay the taxes, keep your mouth shut. You have a family. Must provide for them. God made this mess and called it good? Don’t need that nonsense! Must organize, get a collective identity. But we must be paranoid. There are spies out there. Carefully screen everyone. We’re moving directly into Orwell’s world, and we’re building that world with our own labor, sweat, and dreams.

    1. “We’re moving directly into Orwell’s world, and we’re building that world with our own labor, sweat, and dreams.”

      Don’t forget Huxley as one reader pointed out some years back!

    2. Back in the day if you posted your personal data and information regarding your address, name, occupation and whatever else, you were branded as a complete fucking retard. Now apparently you’re an antisocial if you don’t. Things change. Now, Google and the alphabet boys want to monopolize the internet, directing the majority of traffic and discussion through a select few sites. This makes controlling the internet much easier. All of this means that big tech can continue buying up the internet until there’s just one giant site owned by Zucker or Bill Gates and that will be known as ‘the internet’ to the new generations.

      A long time ago, in 2005 youtube, there was a video that had a ton of views where it was a few college student aged guys and a girl talking about the future of the internet. In this video they said that ‘the internet is going to become a lot more like TV’, and said eventually you’d have package deals, like you’d buy an internet package that contained basically just a few major sites and that was it. I’d say what they predicted isn’t that far from what’s happening now.

      People usually don’t even use a computer as their main thing anymore, they use their smartphones. This is a very important difference because when you have a smartphone there’s a limited level of customization in comparison to a computer. Imagine if everyone you knew had a computer with just a few messenger programs on it and that’s it. And they replace them every year too so there’s no learning curve to fix things or get into the detail of file management, installing programs or doing any real ‘work’ on there. They only use fb, twitter, and youtube. Because you don’t ‘browse’ the internet on those, it’s likely a lot of them have probably never even typed in a url.

      Here’s some memes: Facebook/Lifelog Huxley/Orwell

  3. This cat video “We Need to Talk About Cats or A Certain Something You Are Not Allowed to Talk About!” is still up.
    *for entertainment purposes only*

    1. Yes, the shooting’s. I am indeed surprised that the video is still up. Deceptive title. I do see people are starting to use the Internet Archives to post videos seeing how they are not easily controlled by the thugs at google.

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