Bret Weinstein on Tucker Carlson: 17 million died from COVID ‘vax’

Dr. Bret Weinstein has a PhD in evolutionary biology from the University of Michigan. He has been a tenured professor, author, lecturer and was a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University for the James Madison Program. He was an early proponent of Ivermectin for prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

You may click on the below picture to link to the Tucker Carlson Encounter interview, in which he mentions the estimate of 17 million people dying from the mRNA shot (proven spectacularly ineffective in preventing infection and passing the disease but having spectacular side effects including, but not restricted to, death):



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  1. Saw this morning before I came here. This is indeed what we at the Painful Truth were expounding for some years. The vax is poison. It is expected that the death rate from the jab will continue on for another 10 years, perhaps longer. Who knows.

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