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Nothing is as it seems.

This is a complex topic which has taken years to compile the research in order to resolve serious issues for certain people so they can live the kind of life they should be able to enjoy. For this reason, this is a very long posting which has as much as 5 hours of material. It is structured in a particular way for maximum benefit. This is more of a seminar or course of study. It is also a mature topic which may be disturbing to some. Unfortunately, some of the material contains graphic language which may be offensive to some.

alpha male is a response to a request from a former member of the Worldwide Church of God who grew up in the church.

Here is the email:

Well hello friends,

Three generations of my family have been stuck in the Armstrong cult and as a young person in 2020 I want to assure all of you that the church is alive and well and still destroying lives. I don’t fully understand the effect of the church’s doctrine on my life and my mindset but I continue to unearth new evidence of the damage done every day.

My grandparents began listening to radio church of god back in the old days and the rest is history. My parents were both raised in the church and while my dad is no longer in it and hasn’t been for many years my mom and grandma are still deeply involved with different splinter groups. I have attended many different splinters throughout my time in the church such as United, Living, the fathers call, which is led by Brian Orchard, and faithful flock, which is led by Don Billingsly. I can safely say that these last two people are some of the few people in the world that I truly hate.

I put my foot down and refused to attend church anymore in 2016 and it caused a big rift between me and my mom. My Parents divorced in 2009 and I lived as a “spiritual orphan” for most of my life. I’m sure most of you know that divorced women are the lowest lifeform possible in the church and it wasn’t much better for me. Having been out of the church for four years now I’m only starting to begin to understand just how badly it has infected my way of thinking.

To give an example I was unable to acknowledge the fact that I am gay until 2019 and it still amazes me to this very day. It always felt like my worst nightmare growing up and I secretly hoped I would not turn out gay but here I am. I also find it extremely hard to go see a doctor. I have been vaccinated once in my life and while I would like to get more I can’t bring myself to do it. I received a tetanus last year when I was in the hospital for a work related injury.

If you don’t decide to post this I understand I know I don’t have much of story here but I do need to get all this out of my system. As I said before I don’t understand the extent of the damage done but it helps to say something to someone. Your website has helped me understand things that I didn’t even know I needed to understand. Reading stories from old worldwide survivors makes me grateful that I was only subject to the underfunded and petty splinter groups.

Thanks for listening,


Reality #1: The Ministers of Armstrongism are liars

Herbert Armstrong was a liar. He lived a lie. He said he was The End Time Apostle. He was not only not an apostle, he wasn’t even ‘converted’. For a decade after he started his ‘ministry’, he committed incest with his daughter. It only ended when his son-in-law found out and came into the office with a loaded gun. His ‘ministry’ was a lie. He told us to follow him into The Kingdom. He did not know where The Kingdom was or how to get there. Part of his lie was his greed for acceptance and adoration. In his abject narcissism, he stole money from his followers, calling it a tithe — which he was never qualified to collect under any circumstances. He claimed to be bringing the gospel to the world. He didn’t. We’ve documented that here. He claimed that British Israelism was the key to prophecy. It wasn’t. It was thoroughly debunked.

Garner Ted Armstrong lived a lie. He was second in command at one time. He was a boozing alcoholic gambling adulterer. He married his pregnant wife and continued on to have affairs with his estimation of 200 Ambassador College Coeds.

Richard David Armstrong went to his father, Herbert Armstrong, to sternly warn him that he needed to repent! What happened shortly afterward should be of prime interest here, as Alton Don Billingsley described:

On June 7, 1958, I was ordained a local elder by Mr. Armstrong. Mr. Richard D. Armstrong, the eldest son of Mr. Armstrong, then chose me to serve on the visiting program under him. Shortly after this, he chose me to team up with him to go on a baptizing tour in central California. Though I do not want to go into detail, we had a terrible automobile accident, which was my fault; seven days later, he died from the injuries he received in that accident.

Yes, this is the very same Don Billingsley of the so-called Faithful Flock as quoted above from B. Billingsley committed vehicular homicide! He had been up late and had little sleep. The road he and Richard David Armstrong were traveling on was under construction. They were supposed to stay on the pavement on one side of the road, but Alton drove in the other lane and at the top of the hill, he hit a car traveling toward them head on. With the lies Billingsley lived with, it’s no wonder he didn’t want to go into detail. B has absolutely every right to hold contempt for Billingsley. So much for selecting a minister of good report from those who are without… not that it was a practice in the Radio Church of God or the Worldwide Church of God.

Lack of patience and a healthy dose of contempt limits us to go into the lies of Roderick Meredith. He was one of the hardest, cruelest, merciless tyrants ever. It’s a good thing he never achieved much more power than he did.

We mention Evangelist David Jon Hill for context. He wasn’t a mean or terrible man, but during his ‘ministry’ he was a boozing alcoholic (of the which he repented after he left the Worldwide Church of God). One morning on the Feast of Trumpets in the Pacific Northwest, he got up the stairs and tripped on the way to the speaker’s stand. That afternoon, Roderick Meredith preached a scathing sermon about boozing alcoholics. In fact, it seems that most of the ministers did have a huge drinking problem. One minister attempted to mitigate the obvious problem in 1982.

Evangelist Dennis Luker strove to do the honorable thing. In fact, in context, it was an almost impossible uphill battle to make any headway. A minister before him had traveled amongst the churches to tell his story of the journey from alcohol to encourage members to follow suit. The problem is that because of Herbert Armstrong and Garner Ted Armstrong, the free flow of alcohol was permanently embedded within the ‘ministry’ of the Gospel. It wasn’t called the Feast of Booze for nothing. When we look at the history of Armstrongism, it does appear that at least 50% if not 90% of the problems in the cult were a result of Alcohol abuse among both the members and ministers. So… in 1982, Evangelist Dennis Luker issued what he called, “The Luker Challenge”. He said, “If you say you can do without it, prove it!” And that challenge did start many on a positive path to recovery. Unfortunately for Armstrongism, as soon as people left the haze of alcoholism, many of them went on to leave Armstrongism. And why not? Better off in every way.

Unfortunately, as is always the case in cults, things went badly off the rails. Enter the Support Group [rolls eyes]. Yes, it was a sincere effort but badly planned and worse in execution. Soon it wasn’t just alcohol, it was EVERYTHING. The way to solve a problem is not to wallow in it, it is to move on from it, but wallowing they did. Groups and meetings, endless sermons and announcements, a lot of wrongheaded doings…. But it didn’t just stop there! Oh, no, there was something really major coming after that!

Many were puzzled when Evangelist Dennis Luker seemed to be supportive of gay people. He even wrote a rather supportive article for gay people in The Good News without obviously supporting the behavior. He even extended the Support Group idea to try to help gay people. The details are a bit fuzzy these decades afterwards, but Mr. Luker did and had his elders also attend a ex-gay organization. It was probably Exodus International, whose proposition was to assist homosexuals to leave the ‘lifestyle’ and become heterosexual. One of the elders who attended expressed his discomfort with it, characterizing it as being ‘weird and creepy’. Indeed: The two founders and leaders made their own Exodus from Exodus and became gay lovers. The postscript to this is that Exodus International and went out of business. They closed shop after 37 years. It also didn’t help that the American Psychiatric Association declared that it wasn’t possible to change sexual orientation and also opposed the supposed ‘conversion therapy’, which has been a bane, particularly to vulnerable teens who have been imprisoned without rights by being kidnapped and even held for years in foreign countries without release even when they became adults. It’s every bit as bad as it sounds — maybe worse.

Some people assumed and spread the rumor that Dennis Luker was gay. That is absolutely not the case. He was anything but — Married with two adult children… but then you know very well what church gossip was like. Yes, he was a feminist, but definitely not homosexual. Some are wondering that if that were true, why all the interest in gay men? This has to do with family relationships.

Evangelist Dennis Luker had a close friend in the church who happened to be a millionaire businessman who also was married with children. In due time, Dennis Luker’s daughter married the son of the millionaire friend. It was quite the affair. The wedding and reception was held in a prestigious hotel. There were hundreds of people. The reception itself cost $25,000 and each person attending had the opportunity to have some really good cuts of beef. It would have cost 3 times as much today. His daughter had at least two children. In due time, the Luker’s son married the daughter of the millionaire businessman. They had two children. The children were ‘double cousins’.

In due fullness of time, the Luker’s son finally he admitted he was gay and went off with his male lover. That hit the families very hard and that is why Mr. Luker was so invested in his interest of gays. It is doubly shocking in the context of the Worldwide Church of God. Herbert Armstrong and the administration pretended the whole thing never happened and swept it under the rug, leaving the Lukers to deal with the whole unfortunate situation as well as they could with all the whispers in the background.

So when it comes to Armstrongism and the ministry of the Armstrongist Churches of God, don’t expect anything but lies and hypocrisy. They are hardly in any position to judge anyone. As Jordan Peterson says, “If you want to change the world, clean your room”. The ACoGs have never even begun the house cleaning, except, of course, for the morsels of dried bread crusts during the Days of Unleavened Bread. It is for this and for many other reasons that no one who has grown up in or attended the Worldwide Church of God or its many spit offs should give one shred of credence nor participate in any way with them. They are toxic liars who know nothing and are more likely than not to give you devastatingly bad advice. None of them have one shred of authority over you.

A word or two about United. During the declining years of the Worldwide Church of God after the death of Herbert Armstrong and being under the hegemony of the Tkatchs, Dennis Luker, seeing the handwriting on the wall, got together with Victor Kubic behind the scenes to figure an Exodus from the Worldwide Church of God. Working together, along with other ministers outside the sphere of Pasadena, created The United Church of God, An International Association (UC Gaia). Now one would think that this would be primarily for the benefits of the members. If you thought that, you would be wrong. United was designed that only ministers would run the church. No, United was formed so that the ministry could have a retirement fund. The fund was set up to mature in 25 years, at which the retiring minister could take full retirement. As a matter of fact, some of the ministers are retiring this year (2024).

United has been viewed by some as the kinder, gentler version of the WCG. There are many who found that was not true for them and hied off to other entities, such as the Pacific Church of God, which was actually formed to mitigate the abuses of United. How has the track record been? Well, it seemed to start off right and in the first year, United published The Good News with appealing articles that projected peace. There is no more Plain Truth or Tomorrow’s World. After that, particularly after the Columbine Shootings, it descended into depression and hopelessness, even having a depressed guy with a gun on the cover and having a whole year revolving around the shootings. After Queen Elizabeth died in 2022, the successor magazine, Beyond Today, had an article about British Israelism as the lead. Here at The Painful Truth, we’ve spent years effectively debunking it, but here United is, lying once again. Grade: F. And there is now no more Good News. You can take that as a double entendre.

As nice and friendly as some of them may seem, none of the ACoGs are worth anything. Moreover, they are all in a slow but steady decline into oblivion. There won’t be much Beyond This Decade — and that’s generous.

B, the cult of Herbert Armstrong is just a small example of the horrific social groups of the world. Here at the Painful Truth, we fully acknowledge the damage that the Radio Church of God and the Worldwide Church of God, along with all the variant forms of Armstrongism, have done. We strive to offer comfort and possible solutions and mitigations for the chaos these have created in people’s lives. There is often no one perfect solution. It’s more like living with diabetes: It’s dangerous, it never goes away and the condition needs to be managed.

Reality #2: The World Hates Homosexual Men

Here is the general state of the world right now:

Gay Travel Index

Click on the following link for the full assessment:


by the Pew Research Center

Spain is the most gay friendly country right now, according to the Pew Research Center. Canada is very gay friendly. Saudi Arabia and Iran are pretty much strongly not recommended. Russia, most of Africa and Eastern Europe aren’t particularly gay friendly. Of course, even ‘gay friendly’ countries may be dangerous in certain places. For example, Argentina is the first in South America to sanction gay marriages, and certainly in the larger cities, such as Caracas, Venezuela most places are safe, but travel to rural areas and the story could be quite different. Acceptance of gay guys world wide ranges from extremely favorable to torture and death.

There is much more hatred than that, though. After 50 years of advocacy, Boston Pride dissolves because of Black Lives Matter in 2021. There is an active hatred of homosexual men, not just from countries, religions and individuals, but from special interest groups. No one should be surprised: Leftists typically attempt to get support from what they consider fringe groups which think of themselves as oppressed (often truthfully so) and then turn on them and dump them when they have the power.

Gay men should be very concerned that the standard rainbow flag which represented them as an icon for so long has been transformed to a weird muddied standard held up as “diversity”. Diversity is getting so homogeneous that nearly everyone is included, except, of course, men, particularly white men, including gay men.

It turns out that feminists, who seem to hate everyone, including women, certainly actively oppose homosexuality. As an example, feminist’s efforts over at least two decades have reduced the number of lesbian bars from 200 to 20 in the United States.

There has been continued gay bashing even in countries which might be considered ‘gay friendly’, although Matthew Shepard’s brutal murder Wyoming may actually have been a drug deal gone wrong. Sure, Laramie and Cheyenne might be considered ‘gay friendly’ but it might not be so in other parts of the state.

Back in the days of World War II, there was a brilliant homosexual man who actually saved Briton. It is estimated that Alan Turing shortened the war and saved 14 million lives by building a machine called Enigma, that could translate intercepted messages of the German High Command. He has often been considered the father of modern computers. He also devised the Turing Test which has been the foundation of artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, that was not enough for Britain. Turing took his own life in 1954, two years after being outed as gay. Homosexuality was still a crime in Great Britain at the time, and Turing was convicted of “indecency.” He was chemically castrated rather than being straight out executed. He couldn’t take it though. He died from eating an apple laced with cyanide. He was only 41 years old. He had an I.Q. of 185. These days, we often forget how stringent laws were prior to our ‘modern’ age, often ending in sentences of death.

Threats should never be minimized or taken lightly. Beyond that, the record of history is that no matter how seemingly ‘gay friendly’ a society might be, over time, acceptance often disappears over time. Exercise of wise caution is advised.

Reality #3: Homosexuality is not a choice

Some people believe that homosexuality is a decision. That is not true.

Not that we hold The American Psychiatric Association in high regard, particularly these days, but they have expressed a truth: That homosexuality is not a choice and, furthermore, conversion therapy simply does not work. Originally, in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, I, II and III, homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder. In fact, the State of California had laws about homosexuals and how they lived up until the 1960s. The DSM-IV and DSM-5 have removed homosexuality as a mental disorder. However, be it known that Gender Dysphoria is still listed as a mental disorder. This is important because 40% of those who take gender reassignment commit suicide, all are sterile and moreover, those who have Gender Dysphoria usually grow out of it by the end of their twenties. Just because you think you are something doesn’t mean you are and may very well indicate that you are quite mental. At best, LGBTQ should be LGB, unless, of course, you mean Let’s Get Biden To Quit.

Homosexuality is found in lower level mammals, for example, sheep. There was an article about it with manatees. Homosexuality is not as common as most people think. In the United States, most people surveyed believed that 25% of all adult men are gay. That is not the case. The rate is around 2.5% or so. That means that there are no more than about 4 million gay men in the United States. The issue is amplified by the fact that there is a rather vocal subgroup pushing agendas rather publicly and politically, which makes them seem much more prevalent than they really are. June has been declared gay pride month — bringing wide publicity to a small segment of the population.

One of the big problems associated with the movement is that it polarizes people — it creates an us vs them resulting in division which in turn eventually results in discrimination and oppression. What needs to happen is that gay men need to find and make alliances with other men — to minimize the differences — because, at the core, men are basically the same in biology and intellect. There are wide variations, but that ‘diversity’ should contribute to the success of men as a whole — working together. What will happen and always does happen, is that even though gay men may find support in a segment of society for awhile, when centralized government such as communism or Nazis take hold, gay men are suppressed and executed. Right now in the United States, it looks like there is very wide support for LGBTQi, but as soon as the Deep State and the extreme leftists take control, they will abandon the gay guys because they were only relevant to the leftists attaining power.

No ‘gay gene’ has been found. There are a lot of ideas, but nothing with relevant proof as ‘a smoking gun’. It does seem that what happens to most males in adolescence is that there comes that moment when heterosexual attraction kicks in with an appreciation for certain, shall we say, womanly attributes, and that is that — goes to see Space Ghost, answers the knock and the girl from next door takes on a whole new context when he sees her. This doesn’t happen for homosexual adolescent males. Maybe it’s as simple as that… or not….

Reality #4: The So-called Gay Community Needs to Set a Better Example

The Christian heterosexual men at The Babylon Bee are not happy with the so-called ‘gay community’ [YouTube age restricted and NSFW]:

Many gay men now silently avoid the so-called ‘gay community’, if not outright reject it because it really doesn’t well represent them any longer. All through June, through many parts of the world, there is the gay pride parade. Excuse our somewhat questionable lack of body positivity, but really, grossly fat stripped nearly naked hairy men has such niche appeal. This does not make allies of normal people, but rather actively alienates them. It projects a distorted image of what you might not want to represent. Perhaps — and we don’t want to limit your freedoms at all — but a different image might be more successful in winning people over. Perhaps families with happy, well-adjusted children who have been taken on by loving couples would be a nice representation. Perhaps successful community outreach programs to provide homes to the homeless, feed the hungry, support the cause of the fatherless and widow (which the ACoGs have done such a miserable job at) would win over many people. Since efforts of unselfish sacrifice to benefit the community and country would be in order, not pervert gender queer transvestites reading to children in libraries in order to groom them. And many people are puzzled: If men really like other men, why in heaven’s name are you dressing up as women? Doesn’t that like, uh, take away from the overall appeal? Don’t get us wrong here at The Painful Truth. Transvestism is a way for some gay men to cope. We know that… it’s just, well… wouldn’t it be better to do that more privately so that the rest of the world that hates you won’t take umbrage? It would seem to be the wise thing to do. It also paints a rather painful stereotype which prevents others from really seeing you as you are. Just a thought.

It also doesn’t help at all that homosexual men have a well deserved reputation for promiscuity with the attendant spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, not the least is full blown AIDs. It isn’t restricted to HIV. There are so many debilitating and deadly diseases out there. While many gay men are in committed monogamous relationships, the damage has been done. Heterosexual men, particularly those who are religious take great umbrage, not without some objective reasons, not that heterosexuals don’t also have quite the struggle with STIs. [Dr. Anthony Fauci didn’t help things in the least by lying to gay guys in the 1980s.]

The Netflix Series, Coming Out Colton, certainly has not done the gay community any favors, in spite of the supposed 73% favorable ratings for the show. It is a story of football player, Colton Underwood, who stood as a heterosexual icon on The Bachelor, later coming out as a homosexual with a rather ugly abuse of a bachelorette who appeared on the ABC show. Here’s the official trailer:

Colton Underwood isn’t bad because he’s gay, it’s because he has been conflicted about who he was and did terrible things, after which he refused to take responsibility and wanted people to give him a free pass.

And that’s the thing: If you are to be good and successful, you must be the best that you are and not try or pretend to be something you aren’t. Biology will always trump belief. Be true to yourself. Accept who you are. Don’t let others define you.

Perhaps, one view of life from an adult male point of view would be Shared Rooms (free on Tubi) (not to everyone’s tastes, obviously). Here’s the trailer [warning — some nudity is involved… in the trailer]:

Also on Amazon Prime… for free… at least during Pride Month. We make no claims after that….

Reality #5: Homosexual Men Need to Be Men because They Are Men

The shocking truth about gay men is that they are men. Being a man is the core most important to this discussion because everything builds from there. You are not a gay man, you are a man who happens to be gay.

Let’s ask a question: If you don’t display any external evidence you were gay, would you be acceptable to the broad vast majority of men as being a man? Generally, the answer to that question is “Yes”. That being the case, you need to be what you are. If you are a human with the Y Chromosome, you are a man. Nothing can change that. Certainly, that cannot be changed by gender reassignment. Even if you had that, every cell in your body would still have the Y Chromosome. It can be absolutely determined with the proper testing tools in a laboratory. It was determined at conception. The most important issue to address is what it is to be a man and what masculinity is.

The truth is that gay men need to concentrate on being men and finding a way of maximizing interactions with other men, gay or not. We will present a link to the full movie, but here is a trailer for “The Butch Factor” to explain better what it is to be a gay man:

We don’t pull any punches.

You may watch The Butch Factor (full movie here), but even in the trailer, they pose a question of what is a man and how does masculinity work for gay men — particularly with extremely masculine gay men. It is important for a gay man to be a man and this will help you with that.

Toward the end of The Butch Factor, there is a segment that shows that gay men meet up with straight men for a week each year to bond. They play games together and have social activities. It’s just guys with guys hanging out. The straight men are fine with it. In fact, many of them comment that they are comfortable with it because they don’t have to worry about the gay guys taking their girlfriends.

The question pops up about what it is to be an alpha male. There is a lot of confusion over definitions concerning this, but the following video can clear up a lot of confusion about that by demonstrating the concept of the alpha male is a myth:

The Alpha Male is a fake. Who do we know in this environment that qualify as the pretend Alpha Male? They are dead now, but Herbert Armstrong, Garner Ted Armstrong, Roderick Meredith, Dennis Luker, Herman Hoeh, Gerald Waterhouse, Dean Blackwell, Bernie Schnippert, Leslie McCullough, Joseph Tkach Senior and many more. David Pack, Gerald Flurry, Ronald Weinland,  Yisrayl Hawkins,  John Ritenbaugh, that one guy in Australia — all of whom want to dominate, but they are fakes and bullies unworthy of our attention.

The truth is that the broad majority of men have something to offer to others, depending on their inherited talents, experience, education, skills and other factors. There is a spectrum of differences among men, but there are many things that are common. Because of the gift of testosterone, men generally have greater lung capacity than women, more muscle mass, the men are both more stupid and more brilliant than women (I.Q.s for for women tend to cluster in the middle of the bell curve, whereas there are more men beyond the standard deviation at both sides of the equation). 14 and 15 year old male teens have defeated the professional women’s soccer players. Men are more direct and streamlined than women. Journalist Tim Pool discusses masculinity with his guests:

For those who are interested, the divorce rate among gay men is much lower than other categories of marriage:

  • First time marriage for heterosexual couples: 50%;
  • Second marriage for divorced married heterosexual couples: 60%;
  • Divorce rate for lesbians: 14%;
  • Divorce rate for gay men: 7%.

If you would like to see how a successful marriage of two men can be, take a look at the YouTube Channel of Tyler and Todd where they have been building their home in the Canadian Woods.

Reality #6: Women are really dangerous

There is something really weird about gay men being friends with their straight women friends. In one of the most puzzling moves ever, Science Fiction writer Orson Scott Card, a Mormon, recommends the book Fag Hag by Robert Rodi. It is a fictional (?) depiction of the internal landscape of a very mental woman, pursuing gay men and being part of their ‘gay scene’. Redditors have had a field day — as one Redditor put it, “Card is a religious bigot and vocally anti-gay. In other words, a complete douchebag.” Nevertheless, Card’s recommendation of Fag Hag is a good one and it really does cover the topic very well.

You don’t have to look very hard to find YouTube videos from the channels of young gay men showing them with their girlfriends (non sexual) putting makup on them and dressing them up like some sort of doll or something they’d do to a cat. Though doesn’t seem to be obvious to them, the women have nothing but contempt for the gay man they are humiliating, but he’s just fine with it. Women like to play the ‘mean girls’ and take every opportunity they can to dominate men they can. Gay men make wonderful targets because they often don’t have a really strong grasp of who they actually are and what it is to be a man.

Straight men who have been red pilled and know The Current Era Woman™ already know this, but certainly aren’t going to warn their male counterparts. Well, you know, “It’s just their thing” and we aren’t interested anyway. It turns out they might want to present a united front. Here’s an experience from Casey Zander that should serve as a chilling warning:

The stats are not encouraging. 80% of divorces are initiated by the wife. 80% or more times, the children end up with the mother. Men are often made to pay child support for children that are not theirs even if they can prove they are not the father through DNA. 80% of males in prison are the product of a single mother home. Divorces are ugly where most of the time, the men lose nearly everything they have.

And some gay men want to play with this?

We will mention here that it is widely accepted that gays and lesbians hate each other.

In the movie, The Butch Factor, there is a brief segment where a woman who has taken the ‘gender reassignment’ treatment to become sort of a man, but not, tells us that she (?) as a TRANS (?) never understood how much anger men had. This is  clear admission that women don’t truly understand men. Through biology, they have a completely different landscape. The extra connections through the corpus collosum the two hemisphere of the brain should be a distinct advantage, right? Sometimes, less is more. Men are much more streamlined and efficient. Women are bogged down with all the emotion and irrationality of the creative right side of the brain, not to mention the output from the adrenal glands bring a certain, shall we say, instability to the woman’s psyche. It’s no wonder that women are so different from the men. In this case, though, she (?) made a colossal error. What she was experiencing from the testosterone she was take was not anger, but was energy — the energy that gives the biological advantage to do all the things that men are so good at.

My Fair Lady was adapted from George Shaw’s play Pygmalion. His wife remained a virgin through the 45 years of their marriage. You can read his book about marriage here.

You know how it can be. A man lives with his girlfriend for 17 years and everything is great until she meets a mentally unstable woman across town and it all goes south. The gossiping and backstabbing betrayal begins. The relationship ends badly. And the guy goes, “What? What was that? Really?”.

There are even cases where gay men were knowing lured and manipulated into marrying a straight woman. This has happened in the Worldwide Church of God. The woman knew he was gay. The ministry knew he was gay. They all conspired to get him to marry her. It was certainly a financial boon to her and the WCG. How evil is that?

As a side note, a man who found out, took his wife out to dinner for their anniversary and told his wife that Herbert Armstrong had committed incest with his daughter for 10 years at the start of his ministry. What was her response? “Isn’t that just like a man,” she said. Not what he expected.

Many women will attempt to get a gay guy to marry them. It’s great for the woman because she not only has an ATM, but the man can generally fix what she breaks. You’d be surprised how much damage a gay husband would have to fix after his wife gets through with everything. She gets a free ride. He… not so much. It happens.

Here is an hilarious take from Stan Chris:

On a message board in the 1980s, one straight man wrote: “I am so sick of being manipulated by women, I wish I could be gay.”

The Current Era Woman™: Women are predators; men are prey.

Reality #7: Final thoughts

A brief comment concerning the Featured Image: The Shocking TRUTH about “QUEER” Men by Roderick C. Meredith…

    • It’s completely wrong;
    • Promotes J. Edgar Hoover as the bastion of heterosexual masculinity when he was in reality a cross-dressing homosexual named ‘Lois’ whose partner was Clyde Colson;
    • Recommends vigorous exercise to “resolve” homosexuality in men, when, in fact it will increase testosterone levels to increase their libido and desire for other men;
    • Never even begins to suggest that Jesus living in a gay man through the Holy Spirit will completely transform him into a standard marriageable heterosexual husband and father;
    • Implies that homosexuality creates crime and juvenile delinquency;
    • Causes weak and sickly men;
    • Promotes treason;
    • Changes focus from homosexual men to effeminate men;
    • Blames homosexuality on the dominating women in male lives;
    • Might be prevented by fathers taking sons hiking, camping, hunting and fishing;
    • Satan is queer;
    • Is a complete embarrassment.

Meredith mentions Ancient Greece as being a source of homosexuality. Sorry, but Metatron in his YouTube Video, “The TRUTH About LGBTQ+ in Ancient Greece – Once and for all” begs to differ:

In fact, for the most part, the Greeks were moral and acting as a homosexual man was against the law and could get a man executed by the state for most millennia in the Greek states.

As an aside for those who may be interested, Metatron discusses “The Truth About Gay Marriage In Ancient Times. Did it Exist?” in this video:

Herbert Armstrong [with Roderick Meredith] in the Radio Church of God and Worldwide Church of God were worthy only of disdain producing, in the words of Metatron, shoddy work. They were liars. No one should believe anything they said. They were not who they represented themselves to be.

No one should be ashamed simply because the words of Armstrong were intended to convict behavior of the which he disapproved. If he were caught in his incest by the State of Texas up until the mid 1950s, he would have been executed. In any event, if he had been convicted and punished with a prison term, the inmates would have tortured and executed him because no matter how vile they may have been, he far exceeded even their tolerance of evil. That really says something when hardened felons take umbrage at the sort of behavior that apostle had toward his daughter. It’s too bad The Plain Truth never had an article, The Shocking TRUTH about Evil Armstronists.

So when it comes to any sort of guilt projected on you personally by some erstwhile religious figure, there can be no acceptance or even accommodation. The chief Armstrongists were completely evil; totally compromised without any redeeming qualities. They hid a lot of their guilt over their evil deeds. They were so corrupt their conscience didn’t bother them because it was completely dead. They never ‘repented’ from the dead (and deadly — a lot of people died unnecessarily because of them) works. If you have committed no crimes and only engaged in mutually agreed activities, the cult leaders can have no power over you. You are likely to be far more moral in the scheme of things.

And anyway, they’re dead now. Tell anyone who’s giving you grief to get over themselves, move on and cut ties because life is too short.

All men need peace and respect.

Never give up; never surrender.


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